About Me
       Bullied as I was by Rommel, I am no Shrinking Violet.  I was a second son, a boozing fighting gang of young men. Mostly,  the second born sons of local familys. As it grew beyond my moral code. I bowed out. Most of us did.  As a Young man I worked in a Bethlehem Steel Re bar plant, and a concrete plant.   Later, I Made my living as a home improvement contractor for a time.  Flew Hang gliders for a number of years. Raced bikes and did triathlons. Rode a bicycle halfway across America, by myself.   I Really enjoyed the Gym, so I took a Job in one, where I would eventually meet Rommel Bradley, and here we are.

        I worked half  of my career as a business owner, have a business degree, I earned as a working adult at the local Community College. Magna Cum Laude,  I spent most of my 40 work years in some sort of customer service. My true nature is to be kind and helpful,  but I do not suffer bullies well.  I was a member of this Club for five years, than a Member consultant and MOD for five years.  I won many quarterly sales awards, sales prizes, was club employee of the year, Won a company wide top producer award,  was offered promotions, (turned them down) Was reliable in working my shifts,  a scheduled 50 hours work week on a 40 hour salary plus commission. Longer hours on closeout. I was not written up one single time( I am aware of) and got along pretty well with most of the 6 or 7 or 8  GM's,(it's complicated) I worked under and helped get up to speed on membership policy.  I received only mild verbal warnings for my mistakes.(surprise I am not perfect.)  I sold memberships and solved memberships problems. Because of the high turnover, in five years, often I was the only staff member who had a full grasp of policy and paperwork. Not the incompetent, Rommel made me out to be in his retaliatory writeup He was such a lier.  A previous GM confirmed to the Red Cross, That I got him up to speed  on policy and paperwork, That I was a good, reliable employee. I tried to be a  good employee for Rommel, just not a good pawn for his bullying abuses. He called me defiant, As if I was obligated to take his crap. He's finding out how defiant I can be, not restrained, by his neurotically leeching off hIs GM position, to abuse, bully, intimadating  me and others.

       I also,  fixed equipment, plunged toilets, mopped floors,  helped members with equipment. Applied First aide sometimes. Put out a trash can fire with the extinguisher by the GM's office.(more on fires later) Opened and Worked and closed  the club many times by myself because Front Desk was awol and I had Key. I never ever stole anything, hence not a thief as Rommel called me to my face. I say it takes one to think they know one. Anyway I didn't make 3 weeks with Rommel and he wrote a reaming lie of a write up. What makes him so right about me in just 3 weeks and everybody else so wrong in five years. That writeup says more about him then me. And Mainly he did it because I was standing up to him.  And "After giving it careful thought and consideration" I am sincere in my opinion that Rommel Bradley's Misconduct, led to a situation that almost killed me. Unintentionally of course. Sending me into an ally late at night, into a forseeable hazard, to maybe be injured ed or killed, that was intentional.

On the  advice of council this information will remain freely available. As the situations and unprofessional behaviors described are so egregious that if similarly repeated, and injury or death should occur, I could be held  civilly liable  for having knowledge and not making a reasonable attempt of disclosure to potentially interested parties. Imagine that. I gladly wouldn't want that.

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 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness, and they have been forwarded this information. This for the protection of staff and membership in case Rommel Bradley should apply his bully boss abuses there.