Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, school for bully bosses

What  would cause a seemingly educated and seemingly civic minded person to act as a bully, the worst kind of bully boss? I opine a disingenuous, thieving, disregarding, endangering, self-entitled, bully boss, capable of the worse judgement I have seen  in a grown man in a professional setting.  Omega Psi Phi, Rommel's college fraternity, might be why or at least a large part of Rommel's self entitled mental issues. His his mind being tainted to a self entitled callousness towards others. The Omegan's claim of enlightenment is built on a corrupt foundation of depravity. You cannot build a great house on corrupt foundations. One Omegan discribed it best. He had mixed feelings about being a "Brother" to men who beat and abused him in the worst kind of way. No matter he signed on for it. My research recently informs me that Omega Psi Phi, Rommel's Fraternity, has a huge infamy for brutal hazing. Rommel brags on his resume, his affiliation with the Greek organization with one of the worst reputations  for female abuse, hazing, bullying, pledge injury and pledge manslaughter, pages and pages of Complaints, legal actions, News stories, Magazines Articles, first hand accounts and Lawsuits, from a google search. No surprise, the self entitled, rapist  Bill Cosby was an "Omega Man."   Between Football's known bullying excesses and His frat association, his university  years, earned Rommel a major in Bullying  from Omega Psi Phi with a burnt skin diploma and I opine, a dubiously earned PE degree. (I make my case in my Red Cross Complaint.) He is so proud of his association with, taking and giving of abuses. Behaviors  civil people find shocking, many of them criminal acts! He wears the OMEGA letter branded  on his right arm.  Not a tattoo, and as commonly practiced, It was likely applied with  a hot coat hanger, or such, by his Frat buddies. How repugnant can you get.  Rommel Bradley, who had himself, branded for life, as a bully, that he was willing to participate in barbaric, illegal actions.  Almost 50 years old and Rommel still proudly wears the brand of a misguided group of young, bullying, abusing, hazing, beating and yes, man slaughtering, College kids. No!! Claiming brotherhood. Doing a charity car wash, serving soup and sandwiches to the homeless once in while. Doesn't justify the turpitude. Nor dragging that self entitled  crap, into the workplace, practicing it on  civil people. Practicing it on me!!!   Time to grow up and do a  cover up  Rommel! I suggest an apple with feet, the Christian fruit representative of sin but the potential of salvation in Christ.  Rommel Claims to be a praying man,( I prefer preying) so he might get that.

                        Hate Prey                 LovePray

Just imagine, I opine, the depravity! You pledge! You take the worse your "brothers" can dish out and  get though it alive and reasonably intact. Have the omega burned into your skin! Then you are empowered to dish your worse out, on your "brothers", for a few years.  Now imagine, I opine 4 years later sending Rommel, out into the work world, with that kind of "Entitlement."  An earned entitlement to abuse others.  If a person could do that to his "brothers"?   The brother/pledge and boss/subordinate relationships are not that different in the aspect. Empower him as a boss. Add a grudge against a subordinate. And you get Rommel and I. Really, I could care less what a bunch of frat guys do to each other at the frathouse . But I will be damned, if I will except that nasty dysfunction be imposed by a branded bully boss in the Workplace.  And I am sure 20 some years worth of workplace excesses against others he was the bully boss over. I doubt what I saw and experienced in two months, was any thing new to Rommel, just Routine, self entitled abuse, bullying, bad judgement and worse against coworkers,  just another days work.  "Cleaning house" was  the excuse he used to the Red Cross investigator, to explain himself.  Bullying and abusing, subordinates, coworkers, people, and other peoples mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins. Just regular folks with the misfortune  of waking up one day to go to work under the "Omega Man" Rommel Bradley. None of us signed on for it.  Rommel just expected us take it,  because he was  the  boss.  He was again empowered, entitled to bully and abuse. That, was what he meant when he admitted to "cleaning house." 

     How could one associate themselves, for 4 years  of willingly  taking and giving of  man on man abuse, violence and humiliation. And not be effected by it.  Frat life the way Rommel experienced it, (evident by his branding) was schooling for future bully bossing.  At the still formative age Rommel was bitch slapping and branding his frat brothers. I was working with real grown men, in a steel mill. Never saw anything approaching Rommel's behavior as I observed it. .  But real grown, hardened men, don't need to bully to be what they are, MEN!   Not a manchild, acting out his  frat days while wearing the brand of a  bully. And Rommel, feels (or used to) it was ok to bring a watered down version of his frat days, bullying, abusing, insulting, humiliating his subordinates on the job, and in my case, I opine, theft and endangerment.

Youtube offers many videos from Ministers, educaters and OPP members, denouncing OPP and Greek life in general. Beware the stories and depictions, are disturbing, degrading and beneath human dignity. It is no wonder some young men, like Rommel, become mentally and spiritually bent.

A new film, most likely based on Omega Psi Phi, "Burning Sands" critically acclaimed presents a powerful depiction of depraved hazing, violence and rituals. The endorsement of these depravaties Rommel has burnt into his shoulder.  "Hazing: How badley do you want in" Bryon Hurt award winning documentary film maker. Omega Psi Phi member

A news story about another OPP bully, abusing women subordinates:

    With all due respects to the rest of Opp's membership and affiliation. Those who went though that hazing, that branding. Made a  sort of bilateral contract of abuse  with each other. If you have come  into the world professional, civil, leaving that aspect of fraternity behind. You have my respect. Thank you for taking the higher road.   And then there is the low road.