Every police department I checked with recommends against walking alone at night, particularly in alleys. I asked a 6 year old. She knew it. The Experts and a six year old agree with me. To that point, Rommel, called me a thief and took my front door key. Told me, if I worked late(I often did, to sell a membership and/or to close the day.) I had to leave by a self locking rear door, to a back alley. Rommel was willing to lock a man he called a thief (I was not) in the building he was supposedly stealing from. It just shows his obtuse, vindictive, mindset. A hallmark of a bully boss, they make no sense sometimes. Except to themselves, I suppose. He was like this all the time, senseless, unreasonable. And you can't reason with a bully boss, because being reasonable makes the bully boss wrong. And in the bully bosses mind, that is irreconcilable. Although they often are wrong. Classic bully boss pathology. And it is a pathology!  I researched it quite a bit, trying to figure out what the hell happened to me!           I  had been patronizing  this shopping plaza since I was a teenager. I had owned a home in a near by neighborhood. I had Shopped in this Gym, where Rommel and I worked together, when it was a grocery store. I did business with a woman store owner, who was Robbed, raped and murdered in the Plaza. Killed by a stranger, a walkaway from a prison road crew, who just wondered into her store and had used that alley to cross the plaza out of sight. The police, while dealing with an issue with a homeless person in front of the gym. Told me there were hundreds of homeless people in the woods surrounding the plaza, I feel for the homeless , but it did created problems at the plaza. I knew it already, I just didn't know there were so many. A homeless man was murdered in the woods behind the plaza, next to the alley where Rommel suggested I walk alone late at night. There were many others reasons not to be alone at night, in that alley and that shopping center. I detail them here , in my complaint to the Red Cross. I tried, a number of times, to tell Rommel how I felt, what I knew. How I was ill, He wouldn't have it. Instead he did a retaliatory lying writeup to shut me up, threatened my job, my health insurance, which given my health, I desperately needed. Maybe he didn't mind walking it. He was young, definitely dumb and he wasn't getting over a serious heart attack. Anyway he didn't care. During the Red Cross investigation, Rommel told the Red Cross he didn't think it was wrong to take my key and tell me to leave the club by the alley exit "B". Can you believe this guy. With "safety expert" in his Red Cross job title. He claims not to have the good judgement of a 6 year old as a defense. Honestly, he flabbergasts me. After a couple months of hell, Rommel left, and the new GM returned my key to me, after a short discussion of the safety and work issues. I could feel safe working late again. In fact not one of my many GM's denied me a key. Just Rommel!

     A great boss of mine. A real grown up man, I worked with for half my five years, at this club. Confirmed, to the Red Cross,that I was a good employee, not what Rommel was insinuating in his retaliatory lying writeup. This boss was the polar opposite of what I observed of Rommel as a boss for the 2 months I worked under him. He met Rommel once, noted he seemed "arrogant." If only! Rommel and I wouldn't be here. I think 2.5 years with him says a lot more than my first 3 weeks, with the bully boss Rommel Bradley. 3 weeks, with Rommel, and I had already, been disingenuously disregarded, endangered, and than defamed in writing. And I had observed, the worst behaviors I had ever witnessed from a grown man in a professional setting. Only with a few unruly children in the gyms Kids Klub, had I seen anything close to his immaturity, and lack of impulse control in a business setting. I was appalled. And I endeavored to note his misconduct. It was so self indulgent, brazen and revolting, I still can't get it out of my head!                                                                                                                                                                           Rommel still has his Red Cross Credentials. Seems the lawyers (always the lawyers) recommended he keep them, Because of certain inadequacies in my Documentation and a number of years passing. And Maybe because his nastiness, I observed and experience, wasn't on his Red Cross job!  But it did violate the Red Cross code of ethics. Rommel really wanted to keep his Red Cross credentials. I opine, He Didn't want to get caught lying! So He spilled the beans. Put the Blame on Sport and Health, as he was hired to "clean house."  Hey lawyers, you better hope he doesn't hurt someone, as a Red Cross instructor or in some other professional capacity,because you have been warned.  To be honest, I mostly disregard lawyers, unless I am paying the Bill. Even than I toss a coin! Rommel was reprimanded, put on notice (wrote up) and my complaint and interrogatories, remains officially on his file. Any way Rommel can continue working disingenuously, with Red Cross Credentials.  Hopefully he has learned that coworkers and subordinates are not fodder for his, branded bully,  man child grudges and management inadequacies. That when he swore to a code of ethics he was bound by it. Not the exception, so as to disregard his training and his sworn ethics to "clean house" to quote Rommel, to the Red Cross. As I detail here. Rommel Bradley was the meanest, most unethical, dishonest person I ever met professionally and maybe otherwise. More so for signing a code of ethics with the Red Cross and simply ignoring those ethics and his professional training.