Workplace Bullying Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior or unfair actions directed at another individual, causing the recipient to feel threatened, abused, humiliated or vulnerable. Workplace bullies and targets may be employees, clients or vendors of the affected organization.

     Mark Fisher, current CEO of Sport and Health,  was informed of Rommel's misconduct. I opine, Mr Fisher was incompetent, in the matter,that he didn't recognize and  act on possible, EEOC and ADA violations and bully boss behavior. Instead he  gave this "man"  five years on the job. Likely subjecting  staff to more abusive bullying, documented here.  But I opine, Mark Fisher, Now a Big shot  CEO, seemed not to have a clue.  Or didn't care! Either, I opine, is incompetence! His HR chief at the time, Jill Brown,  blackmailed me to to drop my EEOC complaint, to not contest unemployment. I opine, MD Tony Cox stole the money, I paid back, that I was fired over. Besides that, I caught Tony taking cash under false pretenses and pocketing it.  (I told him to give the member the money back,  I didn't want to drag a new member into the fray as a witness) and GM Mike Smallcorn fired Tony Cox for the same thing. I opine, Mark fisher, and some of the Corporate  staff at  Sport and Health are the most unprofessional folks I ever met.   How  should it have been handled.  Simple: "Mr Bradley, I Mark Fisher. as a professional, decent, ethical man. Representing,  S&H a professional, decent, ethical Corporation. Find that taking a sick subordinate's key, who for five years  worked the night shift, often after hours.  Locking the sick subordinate, who was recovering from a heart attack, in the club you claimed, without a shred of evidence he was stealing from.  As to force him to leave by a back door into an alley of an unsafe shopping plaza late at night. Instead of safely by the front door, is a despicable, unethical act, Likely an illegal one!  We also don't tolerate our GM's  writing lying, job threatening, retaliatory writeups. We especially won't have,  bully bosses, abusing subordinates!   Here are your walking papers."  Screw you Mark!  You know you were informed of these issues.  I opine a whitewash!  The Red Cross ethics and fraud department did what you should have done. An investigation, and from Rommel's own admissions, recommended Rommel's Red Cross Credentials be revoked for ethics violations!  His other Job for the Red Cross! Water "safety"? instructor!   Rommel defended his actions, claiming he was hired to "clean house"!  I opine, as if those or similar words passed between him and the bosses who hired him. I opine, as if Rommel's bosses, see the people who work in their clubs as dirt that needs to be swept away! Just despicable! Unethical and  I opine, his bosses,  became  bully bosses by proxy. And I opine,Rommel saw it as carte blanche permission to practice his Bully Craft.  Practicing it to the point of putting a sick subordinate, daily in a situation his Red Cross training would describe as a "foreseeable hazard!"  People willing to get up and go to work everyday, deserve better!

     I in 2014, I filed a complaint with a local county facility, where Rommel, hung his credentials. I claimed, based on my experience he was unfit, unethical for the job. The GM, for whatever reason, tried to whitewash my complaint. I took it higher. Rommel was soon gone!  By this time the Red Cross was investigating my complaint. The County Attorney, eventually took up the case.  They accessed these same documents.  Don't know exactly what happened.  But the long time GM, was very soon afterwards Replaced. Coincidence perhaps! Or Maybe some professional and ethical accountability?

       Rommel admitted to most of the following in a Red Cross Investigation for ethics, violations.  The OPP tool can dispute it all he wants to! I make the case, GM  John Nasrudden also violated  EEOC laws, he is named, his actions described  in my EEOC complaint.