EEOC Complaint

Rommel Bradley wasn't the only jerk boss. I opine,  John Nassrudden, was another disingenuous boss who, also broke EEOE laws. I opine, one example of his professional bad judgement.  He purposed leaving, the Front Desk person, often a female teen or young woman, to operate and close the club alone. Late at night, in this unsafe shopping plaza. All this for a schedule change to accommodate his  stupid lunch break. He wanted me to come in for my shift an hour early. I noted I was already scheduled a 10 hour day. And, longer hours on close out.  He said I could leave an hour early.  I purposed, that I needed to be there for late tours and membership sales and to close the day. And particularly,  not a good ideal to leave Women in the club alone.  It would be so easy for someone to secret themselves in the club, waiting for it to close,  with a lone female inside. I resisted. He pressed me. "oh it will be Ok"  I told him I would take it up with HR and if it was ok with them, it was ok with me. He dropped the matter. But I am sure it stuck in his crawl.                                John told the whole sales team, he would fire people who lost money.  I agreed with it.  But I also expected him to keep his office available for cash sale drops.  Sometimes he did, Sometimes he didn't!  I had already filed an EEOC complaint!  And on the day and time frame, I "lost" 108.00, he was hanging with the Club Smoothie lady, talking in his office, for a long time!  Likely not club business. And I opine, coping an  attitude, when they were interrupted. I believe, I sold, 4 or 5  memberships that day. It was January, It was busy, I "interrupted" him too much, I suppose.  I discussed this with Tony Cox, my MD and gave him the envelope with the cash in it, to deposit. When the money went missing. of course he denied it!   Where does S&H get tools like John and Rommel, Tony, Many of my  8 GM's 1__, 2.MY, 3__, 4.ND, 5.JoeP, 6__, 7.Rommel Bradley, 8.John Nasrudden, noted, by their names or initials, ended up resigning, fired and/or miscreant. The Better ones moved, smartly, on to bigger and better things. I can't fathom, these sour, unethical, thoughtless, mostly incompetent,  people, and, I opine, the incompetent  bosses who hired them. I might be naive, but in 40 years of work, I never saw anything like it. Other than trying to make my self, useful as I could, I don't know how I survived 5 years at Dale City S&H.  But did the suits,  really have to hire a hitman....ager!            Jill Brown noted, during a phone conversation, after my termination, that a member had hand written receipts from me. She implied it was evidence I pocketed money.  I told her hand written receipts, any receipts, implied the opposite.  I told her this sketchy, but long time member often came in for his 20 minute workout, after we closed the day.  I wrote him a receipt, for a dues payment and added it to the next days business. Told her to look in the system, the matching transactions would be there. As a ten year member, I bent over backwards for the guy, as his account was a mess because he wouldn't do EFT.   But he paid the dues, the ink was Black. But I wasn't employed At S&H anymore, to bend rules for him. Allow him in the club at 20 minutes to 11:00 once or twice a week.  So he tried to sell me out.  I nixed that with a phone call to him. Sport and health dropped the matter.

Prior to being fired, I had already filed with the EEOC. I just had more, Illegal crap to add to it by the time I filled it out!  Ironically. I with severe heart disease, recuperating from a nasty heart attack, was fired, during S&H's promotion of National Heart week or some such!                                S&H and me, both with sick hearts, just for different reasons!