Complete summary of observed abuses and  bullying

(on line Indeed resume claims currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

Recently, I tried to inform the Chinn Aquatics and fitness center  management and County ADA and the Red Cross of the abusive nature of Red Cross Water Safety trainer Rommel Bradley. My complaint was passed to Mr Bradley and I got a harassing email from a Bradley family member. This before I even heard from the Chinn Aquatics and fitness Center. In fact I didn't hear from anybody unto I complained higher up. I smell cronyism over professionalism. Maybe they are concerned maybe not. You should be! Well spoken, decent looking, educated? and polished. I am sure he comes across as a decent EMPLOYEE. Maybe he wears the hat of Water safety instructor well.(From his Linkedin page). But when Rommel Bradley, puts his manager hat on he becomes the worst case of the Classic office bully. After leaving the Fitness company we worked at together, he did some time in predatory lending. I believe a job more suited to his bully management style. In Nov 2013 I shopped one of his storefronts seeking terms. In leaving, I asked the young lady if she knew Rommel. I didn't really expect much. What I got was a look of shock and she almost started crying. I told her I knew he was a horrible man to work for. She said she couldn't talk about. She didn't need to. I suffered under Rommel many times and I only worked under him for a couple of months. I know I wanted to cry too. 2 Months out of 5 years and my job was ruined by this man. My real sin was standing up to his bullying.
According to Linkedin Rommel Bradley has had a lot of management jobs in the fitness industry, he may have burned a lot of bridges. (He claims on Facebook that Sport and Health was racist and blackballing). I can only surmise. I believe he may have designs on rising in management at the Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center or Prince William county Government. And on the surface he has the credentials. But, heaven help the people he is giving the responsibility of stewardship over. When Rommel Bradley puts on his Manager hat he will also probably put on his Bully Hat and hard working people will suffer. He has had over 20 years to hone his bully craft. Like most proficient office bullies he knows what he can and can't get away with and who to Bully. If a coworker gets any sense now, he dislikes them, I assure you that if he ever becomes manager he will make their job a sorry affair, as he did mine. His bullying Included ignoring his red cross training and integrity by disregarding the safety of a disabled person. (I have read the safety training manual). Below are item after item of his bullying abuse. I don't include all his malicious acts, because they might be hard to believe and could be offensive. Prepare to meet the other Rommel Bradley, office bully and worse maybe a future manager at Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center.

In 2007, I decided to take a leave of absence to take an extended cross country trip. I left on my trip and a month and a half later had another bad heart attack on the Road. I gotpatched up and went home. I needed money and a job. My bosses promised I could have my job back and they honored that, with some stipulations, Rommel Bradley (instated as GM after I left) and I met in person. He seem a reasonable man. I came back to work. Happy to be home and in my Club again. It did' t take long before Rommel Bradley's  true character kicked in

Before Rommel Bradley  was employed as my new GM and before I left on my leave of absence. I arranged to send, single use camera pictures of my trip and a 3 months supply of expensive Blood thinner, I ordered though the company health insurer, to a coworker. He was to hold the pictures and forward the medicine to a general delivery address. I never received the medicine which, contributed to a very serious heart attack due to a blocked stent in my heart. When I returned home and a couple weeks later to my Job, my film and Medicine were no where to be found. The coworker told me the items disappeared off his desk. I am of the opinion Rommel  Bradley discarded my mail and medicine before my return to S&H. That was three felonies. The whole no personal belongings such as bikes, personal property, etc, are not allowed in the workplace, in Rommel's retaliatory writeup. The way he treated me and others. His duplicity, And If he cared to endanger me. And his total lack of interest of felonies occurring in the club when I reported it to him. Just a really wide eye look in his face. Like Whoops. Yet He was so concerned about me stealing (I didn't steal anything) and ethics and all that. Yet he did nothing. Even if he wasn't directly involved. I hold him responsible because he was the GM. Felonies in his shop under his watch.  On the subject of honesty and ethics, I was a ethical and honest or more so, as any of my managers.  And As I detail here. Rommel Bradley was one of the most unethical persons I ever met,   More so for signing A code of ethics with the Red Cross and simply ignoring those ethics and his professional training.   I don't know the nature of his affiliation now,  but he most likely swore to a very stringent code of ethics with his   Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Did he not absorb anything from the process.

Why would he discard my property? I believe he developed an immature grudge against me. He inherited a sales department that was in disarray. The GM at that time had left, the new Sales manager was mostly awol. And my planned trip date had arrived. I left town. But Rommel's focus was on me for it all. On my trip, I was shorted commissions, I was due from the month before my Leave of absence. I had no choice, but to try to claim them through the new General Manager, Rommel Bradley. I started out nice and patient with him, but he was reluctant to help. So I got admittedly, pushy with him, my trip was semi-sponsored by our employer, so I told him I was going over his head. That did help. But I am sure incited the grudge that was evident in his behavior for the couple months we were together. I am sure Rommel was on office bully long before I met him. He started the bullying right as soon as I returned. He was even willing to ignore an obvious hazard, to set me straight despite his professional Red Cross training. Maybe even willing to discard my personal property, committing the 3 felonies
Misappropriation or Tampering with US mail.
Misappropriation or Tampering with Prescription medicines,
Misappropriation of personal property over 300.00

He accused me of being involved in thefts at the club over the years before he came. There were many to be sure. I learned about them, like anybody else, after the fact. And because I wasn't a thief he had not a lick of evidence. He accused me anyway.
He made a long time, highly respected female minority employee, who was very good at a thankless job cry. This lady was tough as nails and managed a staff of young females. I always saw her as very capable and successful at her Job and I liked her a lot as a coworker. Never until Rommel did I see her walk out of the GM's office and start crying. Hey, I felt like crying after walking out of his office a couple times. I understand women are emotional. I understand in life, your sisters, your Mom, Your wife, your daughters, girlfriend might be put to tears by a man in the family. As a mature, mostly proper Gentleman, I have even tried to avoid that. But to put a coworker or subordinate to tears, that is abuse and bullying. I saw Rommel frustrate at least 2 women employees, and a member to tears.
Without knowing all the in and outs of club operation. Denied an African American female member entrance to the club because he felt she was trying to sneak her children into childcare, even after I tried to explain the policy to him and she wasn't doing anything wrong. This sweet lady was an army solder and mother. Rommel (the bully that reads a mark for his abuse like a book.) stood her in a corner, with her children having seen the whole, demeaning embarrassing thing. She barely held back her tears until he finally was informed on policy by childcare staff involved and let her in. In the meantime he neglected real club issues to have his way with this poor woman. I suppose Rommel Bradley, as GM, had every right to do what he did. But it was unnecessary. He blew me off, with hand to face,  because knowing the answer right away would have ruined his opportunity to bully this woman. A woman that did absolutely nothing wrong. He had recently written me up and put me on probation and he knows dame well I would have been nothing but honest or suffer his wrath in the matter. But a mans nature is his nature.

Every other week or so a frustrated coworker would emerge screaming from Rommel's office and quit. I think Rommel Bradley made it especially difficult for people he deemed unworthy to work for him. And if the job didn't mean enough to someone to stay, They quit. Rommel got his way. I was in the category, I think. I just had too much at stake to quit, so I put up with it. In 40 years I never saw such a unprofessional situation.

On my night off, a mentally impaired member accidentally set the sauna on fire. Rommel who had by this time been Gm for over six months, would have walked by a well marked fire extinguisher near his office many, many times. My understanding was that he wasted valuable time trying to put out a combination electric and wood fire with water from the locker room. I don't believe the extinguisher was ever used and the sauna was a total loss. This again was indicative of him not being aware of vital elements of his club. And may have endangered Members in the Club at the time. Red Cross Safety expert, my rear. No safety expert me, My flight training years earlier, super emphasized safety, my life depended on it. It was my learned habit to know where exits, extinguisher. Etc were located. Oh yes, and just a little bit of adult common sense that some people seem to lack. I once out a trash can fire with that extinguisher by the GM's office. Simply, I knew were the extinguisher was, not abig deal. Unless one actually needed it.

The club had a chiropractor, who rented space for several years, He got along well with staff and previous GMs. Not Rommel Bradley. I am not sure what happened, but I think the situation speaks for itself. It was so bad that after the Sauna fire. Rommel asked me if I thought the chiropractor could have done it or put the poor mentally impaired guy up to it. I told him no way, I was sore he even asked me such a stupid question. I wasn't the club arson expect. I was the senior membership consultant. Typical Rommel, try to put the blame on a disabled person who didn't know better than to spray eucalyptus from the the steam room on the hot sauna rocks. It was an accident. But Rommel just wanted to blame someone else when maybe using the fire extinguisher, in a timely manner, might have mitigated the damage. I wanted to say something to the chiropractor, but because I was really trying to get along with Rommel I kept my mouth shut.

Rommel Bradley came back from a monthly corp sales meeting. He complained to me and the rest if his sales staff how degraded he felt, because the club managers that didn't make goal had to serve lunch to the clubs managers that did. I knew it was all in fun and thought to myself that his complaining to staff about his bosses was unprofessional. And as detailed further on relates to his own hypocrisy. He wrote me up for doing the same thing. Except he was putting me in a disingenuous and  dangerous situation. While he complained he wasn't happy about dishing out beans.

Rommel Bradley treated me badly many times times. Even though I knew the club, it's members, staff and policy better than any body he rarely relied on me for input even as I watched him screw up time after time hopefully learning in the process. I would have gladly helped out of my better nature. Every once in a while he would ask me something when he really needed to. I am sure he hated to do that. I think it made him more resentful of me.

Rommel Bradley called me a thief and demanded  my front door club key. I was an opening and closing MOD on different swifts for over 5 years I often had to stay late to complete daily sales chores. I also backed up the front desk opening and closing person. Many times in five years I had opened and closed the club for a sick or awol FD person  Called me a thief, yet was willing to lock me in the building, I supposedly was stealing from. It just shows his vindictive, stupid, unreasoning mindset. He told me to leave though a self locking rear door. A door that entered into a back ally where there had been one murder and several assaults over the years and Intoxicated patrons of the Bar a few doors down were often in the ally late at night.  I was getting over a serious heart attack at the time and was helpless to defend myself. I had a key under every GM I worked for. The GM, who took over for Rommel when he left, gave the key back to me. ( Things got so much better for everybody when Rommel left) I did gloat inside a bit, when one morning, his trusted front desk person didn't show to open the club and he had to come open it himself. Many angry waiting members knew I had had a key for years and Rommel just ended up looking incompetent again. It was more important to the Bully Rommel to put me in my place, than smooth operation of the Club. Any way what kind of Red Cross safety expert sends a sick man,just doing his job,Into a dark dangerous alley late a night.

Rommel Bradley complained to me about memberships that I wrote before he worked there. Membership that weren't “by the book” but were signed off by my bosses. He called us unethical and dishonest. All this complaining, while he signed off “not by the book”memberships of his own. He even introduced me to a new word for it “deviated deals”. He even allowed his staff to write new memberships to members who were in collections for non payment. This way we got a new member sales point. Previous to Rommel this was a big no no. And we didn't do it knowingly. To this day I don't know how he got away with it. I didn't really care, a point is a point. Except to note again his hypocrisy. Maybe his bosses said it was ok. Just like my bosses signed off on my “deviated deals”
During this time, members I had helped, complained to me incessantly that their membership problems weren't resolved. Many of them were people who's membership problems were sitting for days and weeks on Rommel's desk. I had already presented them to him with the proper paperwork. I had done all I could to help the members. It was out of my hands, I told members to talk to him. What else could I do. ….... This was unprofessional on my part, but then again I was working in a very unprofessional environment created by Rommel. It was rubbing off on me. All this time I was recovering from a heart attack that dame near killed me. I was going downhill physically, mentally and emotionally and Rommel was doing his unnecessary egocentric best to expedite the process......

Long before Rommel's employment, I arranged for the local Bicycle racing team to work out in the Club in trade. They put the Company logo on their uniforms at their own expense, raced all over the area and paid all their own expenses. They barely used the club. This was a company policy that was encourage by Corporate, but had to be signed off by Corporate. In his ignorance of policy and Rommel knows better than anybody attitude. Rommel came at me, like he really had me now. He was sure I was just giving it away to my bike buddies. Even with his supreme business skills(I jest) he couldn't understand the win win concept. It was just a Bicycle racing team after all. It wasn't until I pointed out that it was approved and signed by his boss(a cyclist) that he relented. I could tell he wasn't happy. That was to bad for me. You don't make Rommel Bradley wrong or unhappy.

Now the coup de gras. I was at the point, I couldn't take this man any more. I knew that transfer between clubs was common and even though I had been At this club 10 years (5 as a member and 5 as an employee) and lived 5 minutes away. I was willing to commute to get away from this guy who I was pretty sure didn't want me around any way. Out of courtesy and professionalism I decided to discuss this transfer option with him before approaching Corporate about it. I thought maybe we might clear the air and I wouldn' t transfer.
I approached him before my shift about the transfer. He told me his “door was open” and let's talk. I discussed some of my issues, particularly not having the club key he took away from me. I tried really hard to be diplomatic with him. Mostly I just agreed with him and promised to do better. He didn't promise me anything. I was compliant. It's kind of a blur, but I remember him saying that the sales department was sucking (he used some variation of the work suck.) I was trying to agree with him and I remember using the word myself. I even remember wishing I could take that word back because even though he said it, he might not like me saying it. Anyway I left feeling better and with hopes for my future with this man. I worked my regular shift and had a good day. On his way out, Rommel told me to check my email when I had a chance. He looked serious. So I figured it was some important corp memo. I was very busy, that evening, so I didn't check my email till I got home hours later.
I was flabbergasted. It was this long winded, ridiculous writeup, Full of exaggerations and lies. I couldn't believe it. Hadn't he told me his “door was open” My mistake, his office door was open when I approached him. Having a college business degree and being in business for years. I thought he meant he had an”open door policy” What can you expect from man with a Jock degree from college. He can be excused for not understanding common business lexicon and practice. (I jest) I do believe his football and locker room skills did come in handy for bullying. We know that from the Miami Dolphins football bullying scandal (I am serious)
He wrote that there were member issues that I wasn't fixing as, if I refused to do so. As stated above, they were most likely on his desk. There were always problems with memberships it goes with the business. In five years I fixed hundreds if not thousands of problems. Rommel noted he was going to guide me, fluffing his feathers at my expense. Because turnover was so high, often I was the only staff member who actually knew how to deal with the corp paperwork. I trained most of my 6 GM's and several sales managers on member paperwork. I didn't need his guidance. Actually, He needed me to help him guide the paperwork into a corporate envelope. Most member problems had to go though the General Manager than corp for final resolution. My job was to take care of the ones I could. The rest went to Rommel with the proper corp forms. He wouldn't resolve them or wouldn't listen to how to resolve them. Especially if they involved refunds. GM's understandingly hated to give refunds as it would effect the clubs budget which was a measure of performance. Lucky for many of these members he didn't have much choice after blaming me in writing for his negligence.  He wrote in the writeup that I had to remove my bicycle from the store room where it sat with a pile of mostly useless gym junk. Where he told me to put it, after it shipped back from Kansas following my trip. Rommel Bradley somehow felt that my bike represented insubordination . It never bothered anybody else. Not even Rommel's boss, who would see it in my office all the time, when I rode it to work long before Rommel's employment. Of course That boss was a cyclist. It was just a bike in a gym. It Just bothered Rommel! I surmise It bothered him so much, that it's location might have filled the place in his brain where the fire extinguisher's location should have been stored.
Rommel wrote I couldn't transfer. I was stuck there with him. This was revealing to me after long thought on the whole matter. Rommel didn't want me there, it was obvious to me. But when it was obvious to him I didn't want to be there with him. It incited his insecurity. I was rejecting him. In his immaturity he was going to get back at me in a big way. A BS writeup with maybe one real truth and a lot of misrepresented crap. I hope it made him feel better.

More about that writeup. After telling me "his door was open" He wrote me up that day. A real Pro! Actually a pro would have waited a week or so! For appearances sake. And he couldn't even do it to my face. Told me to read my email as he walked out the door for home. He included that I couldn't have personal property, etc at work. That might explain why mail and prescription medicine being held for me by a coworker disappeared while I was away. 3 felonies! Rommel didn't care much when I reported the 3 felonies in his club to him. The way he treated me and others. And If he cared to endanger me, maybe he cared to "disposed" of my unprotected property. Medicine that would have prevented the aforementioned Heart Attack, if it had been forwarded to me on my trip. Instead I almost died and am crippled for life. Anyway the thought of him giving "safety?" lessons ,or being a manager makes me nauseous. Even if he doesn't get anybody hurt, it is at least disingenious

Now he is a the Chinn Aquatic and Fitness Center, Good Luck folks\

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)