Why am I doing this

In November of 2013, being in a cash bind, I sought to borrow money on my Car. Locally I shopped most of the local title (predatory)  loan companies. Including one, that I was vaguely aware that Rommel Bradley (His Indeed resume says he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness) a previous Bully GM of mine was a local manager. At the time I didn't care, I just wanted the best terms.   After the young lady, that was helping me finished quoting me terms and Policy, I prepared to leave.  I wish now that I hadn't but I did. I asked if she knew Rommel Bradley, not expecting much. She immediately went from smiling and engaging, to upset and almost crying. I said I knew he was a horrible man. She said she couldn't talk about it. I said I understood completely and left. I too had suffered at the hands of this mean self entitled disingenuous dangerous office bully, who wrote me up with lies to shut me up. I was furious, I couldn't even go into a public store front, and mention his name and not have a subordinate of the OPPtool, Rommel Bradley almost start crying. This a number of years after my horrible experience with him. He was still at it!  His abuse of women subordinates, was one of my biggest issues with the man. Not to mention the  excesses he committed against me. I made up my mind to stop  this man child  and dangerous office bully. I figure the best way to do that, is to expose him.

     In a chat conversation,  I had  a short man to man with Rommel with grown man to man  words and I informed him I was going to expose him. He could have stopped all this right than and there.  Just by saying a heart felt sorry.  He just said I should forget.  And He would pray for me. I replied he couldn't prey on me any more.  He insults my spiritual intelligence!

     In April 2014, Rommel  included on his resume, that he taught Red Cross Water safety at the Local County Rec Center. I was floored  to be reminded  that this dangerous, self righteous, bad judgmental, bully boss, taught safety of any kind anywhere. Especially for the Red Cross. I filed a complaint with the Rec Center Management, describing how he disregarded my safety as a disabled subordinate of his elsewhere.   Dates Verified by the Red Cross acknowledge  he was credentialed as a  water safety instructor at the same time he was my boss.  How disingenuous, that  he would disregard my safety on one job. Leave for the day and maybe, go teach safety for the Red Cross at another. A clear violation of The Red Cross code of ethics, and a  probable violation of ADA and EOE laws, not to mention human decency.  Soon I got a harassing email from a member of Rommel's Family calling me a liar. I never heard from any one I sent my complaint to. So I feel I was forced to document my relationship with Rommel and take my complaints as far as I could.  So I refiled my complaint higher up with the county ADA and recreation department management including some documentation. I was  informed that action would be taken according to policy. All I know is he didn't work there long after that. I also filed a complaint with,The Red Cross after that  Investigation, I filed another complaint against the Rec Center management. The County Attorney responded, they were investigating.  I have no Ideal what happened, except to note, the GM of Chinn Rec Center, Bernadette O'Keef was replaced soon after. Can't say I had anything to do with it.  All I know is Rommel held me to a high standard, wrote me up to that standard even if he lied. He implied I was unprofessional.  Than When I complained about him at his job.  Absolutely no standards, an abundance of  Hypocrisy!     From that complaint:   "How many complaints have been handled this way at Chinn or elsewhere in the county. Who Knows, but it is highly  unprofessional. And Unfair to me.  I know this. The dangerous, bully boss Rommel Bradley, water "safety" instructor.would have canned me. Sent me down the road,  if he had gotten a harassing  message from my family member over the indencies  he put me though. Except my complaint wasn't indecent it was handled indecently.   Please forward this to the county attorney."

First some rough bully math to illustrate my point.  In two months I worked under Rommel. I Saw him  Seriously bully and abuse over 6 subordinates or club members (yes even club members were fodder for Rommel's abuse.)    6 x 2 months by six 2 month periods a year. That is 36 bullied people. 36 x 22years Rommel claims to be a manager (Linkedin) that is  792 people who suffered under this manchild.  Surely not scientific, certainly not precise, But makes my point.  I figure he has another 20 years or so before retirement. If he countinues as a bully manager, another 700 souls might have to put up with him.   I mean to stop him anyway I can that is legal.  Don't be fooled by his suave exterior,  he did all I include here and I am sure much, much, much more. 

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he currently is employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

This page is a public service to working people Every where. If I had this information I would have been better prepared to deal with  Red Cross Water safety?* instructor  Rommel Bradley, before I went to work under him at another Health Club Chain. Knowing what I know now, I am sure I  would not. Even if he hasn't hurt customers and members at Chinn  I feel he forfeited his privilege to represent the Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor or enter management in public service or any where else for that matter. That will be made clear here. I swear this is the absolute truth about Rommel Bradley and how he abused me and my observation of abuse ofothers.  I am of the opinion from the facts, his own written words and his disregarding behavior towards me and others. That  Rommel Bradley's gross misconduct, almost killed me, disabled me, and than endangered me. Hard to believe, Read on. And Yes I am mad as hell and possibly unreasonable. Hopefully this information will help others who have or will suffer under this bully and help prevent him from  attaining a position of stewardship, where he might apply his bullying misconduct further.  People willing to get up and go to work everyday deserve better.  I worked half  of my career as a business owner, have a business degree, I earned as a working adult at the local Community College. I spent most of my 40 work years in some sort of customer service. My true nature is to be kind and helpful,  but I do not suffer bullies well.  I was a member of this Club for five years, than a Member consultant and MOD for five years.  I won many quarterly sales awards, sales prizes, was club employee of the year, Won a company wide top producer award,  was offered promotions, (turned them down) Was reliable in working my shifts,  a scheduled 50 hours work week on a 40 hour salary plus commission. Longer hours on closeout. I was not written up one single time( I am aware of) and got along pretty well with most of the 6 or 7 GM's, I worked under and helped get up to speed on membership policy.  I received only mild verbal warnings for my mistakes.(surprise I am not perfect.) My title was membership consultant, I sold memberships and solved memberships problems. I also,  fixed equipment, plunged toilets, mopped floors,  helped members with equipment. Applied First aide sometimes. Put out a trash can fire with the extinguisher by the GM's office.(more on fires later) Opened and Worked and closed  the club many times by myself because Front Desk was awol and I had Key. I never ever stole anything, hence not a thief as Rommel called me to my face. I say it takes one to think they know one. Anyway I didn't make 3 weeks with Rommel and he wrote a reaming lie of a write up. What makes him so right about me in just 3 weeks and everybody else so wrong in five years. That writeup says more about him then me. And Mainly he did it because I was standing up to him.  And "After giving it careful thought and consideration" I am sincere in my opinion that Rommel Bradley's Misconduct, led to a situation that almost killed me. Unintentionally of course. Sending me into an ally late at night, into a forseeable hazard, to maybe be injured ed or killed, that was intentional.

On the  advice of council this information will remain freely available. As the situations and unprofessional behaviors described are so egregious that if similarly repeated, and injury or death should occur, I could be held  civilly liable  for having knowledge and not making a reasonable attempt of disclosure to potentially interested parties. Imagine that. I gladly wouldn't want that.

*linkedin as of 1/22/15

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness, and they have been forwarded this information. This for the protection of staff and membership in case Rommel Bradley should apply his bully boss abuses there.