Write up and my rebuttal

Rebuttal (the truth)

Note: I eventually was fired for losing money, not by Rommel Bradley, that is what my termination paperwork says. Not stealing. I am of the opinion I can make a very good case that Tony Cox the membership  director took the money.  Between Rommel Bradley and Tony, John Nasrudden. I didn't stand a chance.

Mark F.

      Tonight I received an email From my General Manager CC,ed to you. This email put me on notice that I am essentially on probation, and facing the possibility of losing my job. Now that the situation is offical and on my record I want my side to be part of that record. I feel really awful that my relations with Rommell have deteriorated so badly. This after I thought we came to a meeting of the minds today. I approached him today about a possible transfer to another club. I explained to him that I felt I owed it to him to discuss this with him before I brought it up with anyone else. He told me he had an open door policy with his staff. I took that to mean I could air my issues without reprisal. I discussed with him the issue of having a key to the club. That previous GM's authorized and encouraged it. This because I was a closing and opening MOD for five years. I still carry that schedule and sometimes work late doing paperwork and selling memberships. I explained that his previous suggestion of leaving though the back door into a dark ally made me uncomfortable. Especially in my current physical condition. We talked at length about our relationship and my relationship with Sport and Health. We agree that my attitude had not been good and how it had to change and I agreed. I also expressed that I am still recovering from a heart attack and dealing with some depression which could effect my judgment and attitude. I walked away from our meeting today feeling uplifted that Rommel had done me the service of hearing me out. I was determined to change and improve my attitude. How floored was I that my opening up to him, despite his "open door policy" would end up with probation no option to transfer, and maybe losing my job. I have been working 50 and 60 hour weeks since I started back to work early August. I have worked many of my days off. I have worked to Learn the CSI computer system. I have Filled out and turned in my required daily reports. I was recently informed by my MD that I was the only DC Sales staff using CSI prospecting to any large degree. My membership sales although not outstanding yet, have been on par with my coworkers. The ground work laid for a good finish this month. It's all in CSI. Rommell mentions in his email several issues with memberships that my name is attached to. I have sold an estimated 1500 hundred memberships in five years. So my name would be attached to some memberships with issues. Over the years I have solved problems big and small for hundreds of memberships my name attached or not. I have apologized many times to members for errors on my part. He mentions Personal Items as if they are Representive of a bad attitude. Particuly my Bike. It was in my office for one night after I got it back from Kansas. Per his request, I removed it to the storeroom in the back of the club. It sits Amid a pile of assorted boxes and gym parts. I have been meaning to take it home as soon as I get my Car unloaded. When I returned to work in Early August. Rommell made it clear to me that he felt Many of the problems at Dale City were directly related to me and the Previous management of the Club. He didn't leave things at that. He directly called me immoral, unethical and dishonest. I felt this was a personal assault on my character. I explained at that time and again today that everything I did was reviewed and signed off by my managers. One of my previous managers Tom D. will attest to that. Today he accused me having knowledge or involvement in thefts or embezzlement's at the club over the years. I told him I didn't because I really didn't. I have been at Dale City For five years and have had a good or great working relationship with all my General Managers Up to now To the best of my knowledge I haven't had a writeup or even an official Verbal warning till now. Maybe if Rommell Didn't set the tone of our relationship with personal attacks on my character things would have gone much better. I walked away from that conversation hoping and intending to change his mind about me. Its hard to keep your head up and a have a positive attitude knowing your boss feels this way about you. Today I felt a transfer was a good option for both of us if we couldn't work though our differences. I really do love working for Sport and Health, really. I love Dale City. I have been there for ten years including my membership. How pressed must I be to even consider leaving. I just want to work for a manager who respects me, and doesn't perceive me as I have described above. That would work wonders for my attitude. In closing I would like to say that I know Rommell has a tough job. That he works hard, probably harder than any manager I have worked with before.I know he wants to make Dale City a success. And really, I wanted to help him.

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

Writeup containing Lies and misrepresentations and omissions.

note:  Rommel Bradley doesn't mention  taking my Key away in this writeup. This  was  most of the problem with him and me at the time. This certainly implies that he knew it wasn't the right thing to do, and didn't want to put it in writing. And is a lie of omission. He couldn't have forgotten. He didn't forget about a bicycle sitting in a  storeroom.  A bike on pile of junk, but he forgot he took my key away and my constantly bringing up the issue of my safety. I doubt it.  He even screams in large caps. "THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED" to my protests of not being safe working late.  I admit I had a bad attitude. That was true. Who wouldn't given the unsafe situation he put me in and his other gross misconduct,  which I document further on.  Honestly, where in here does he say I wasn't doing my job. Except his lies about the memberships with my name attached to them.  Memberships with corp paperwork sitting on his desk, most likely. Yea, I sent mad members to him, who  had not had complaints resolved.  Mostly Mr Bradley needed me to help him guide the completed paperwork into a corp envelope. That was the "system"   He calls me defiant. Defiant against his disregard for my safety, my integrity and my health, and his chronic abuse of others. Reasonable defiance to me. He writes "the integrity of Sport and Health will not be compromised."  This while Rommel  compromised the the  company legally, with his  ADA/EEOC violations.  And Rommel  Bradley compromised his own integrity with his misconduct. He says there will  be no discussion  with anything mentioned,   Than at another  point he says  he doesn't mind  clarifying things. (which would involve a discussion)  How is anyone supposed to know how to deal with a person of such unprofessional contradictions.

From: "Rommel  Bradley" <rbradley@sportandhealth.com> Date: Thu, September 13, 2007 9:49 pm To: mveax@shcorp.com Cc: mfisher@shcorp.com doverton@shcorp.com bsmith@shcorp.com acox@shcorp.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to reflect on the conversations today. After giving it careful thought and consideration I am not comfortable with the negative energy towards the company,my direction, and Tony's direction. All three of these entities are on the same accord. However you are displaying objections through your mannerisms, conversations with staff and members. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If I hear of any of these actions you will be terminated immediately. Also the integrity of Sport and Health will not be compromised. I have received several membership complaints and problems from members that have attached your name to their status currently. I need your undivided attention to these matters while you perform your other duties provided in the membership standards you signed. I will assist with some of them. You will do the research on the problems you have caused with open arms and not even slightly blame the "system". You will apologize for your actions to these people. You WILL take ownership of the problems that you have caused. Personal belongings such as bikes,etc. are not allowed in the workplace. There will be no discussions or insubordination with anything we have mentioned in this letter. This is the last warning and any other infractions may lead up to suspension and/or termination. Transferring is not an option. I hope that you understand that we hope that you will change your behaviors and attitude towards management and Sport and Health if you plan to stay here with us. I don't mind clarifying anything I have mentioned but I will not stand defiance. Remember...change is constant. Rommel Bradley General Manager Dale City Sport and Health Work-703-897-0200 Fax-703-897-9501 Rommel Bradley, General Manager Dale City Sport and Health Work-703-897-0200 Fax-703-897-9501

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

I certainly am no expert, but this writeup is almost pathological to the following.

Complex and dangerous bullies    From KickBully.com

More dangerous is the skilled workplace bully. He combines two or more of these aggressive personality types, then cleverly disguises his true nature under an image of success and leadership.

Once you have suffered at the hands of a skilled bully, you are more likely to understand his true character. Typically, he is highly ambitious. To achieve his goals, he needs the cooperation of others; however, he doesn’t believe in fair exchange. Instead, he charms others for the purpose of controlling them and uses camaraderie to encourage loyalty. If necessary, he exploits weaknesses in others to change their behavior.

At the same time, he preaches teamwork and professes company values to enhance his reputation, or pretends to pursue company goals to boost his power. He is a master manipulator, constantly using stealth and deception to influence the thinking of those around him. And he does all this while intimidating, undermining and slandering everyone who stands in the way of his self-serving ambitions. With a skilled bully, nothing is ever as it appears.

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)