Every police department I checked with  recommends against walking alone at night,      particularly in blind alleys. I asked a 6 year old. She knew it.    I had been going to this shopping plaza since I was a teenager. I had owned a home in a near by neighborhood. I had Shopped in this Gym, where Rommel and I worked together, when it was a grocery store.   I did business with a woman store owner, who was Robbed, raped and murdered in the Plaza.  Killed by a stranger who just wondered in and used that alley to cross the plaza out of sight. The police, while dealing with an issue with a homeless person in front of the gym. Told me there were hundreds of homeless people in the woods surrounding the plaza and it created problems for them at the plaza. I knew it already, I just didn't knew there were so many.  A homeless man was murdered in the woods behind the plaza, next to the alley Rommel suggested I walk at night.    I tried to tell Rommel how I felt, what I knew. He wouldn't have it.  Maybe he didn't mind walking it. He was young, definitely dumb and Healthy. And he wasn't getting over a serious heart attack. Anyway he didn't care.  During the investigation, Rommel told the Red Cross he didn't  think it was wrong to take my key and tell me to leave the club by exit B. Can you believe this guy. He claimed not to  have the good judgement of a 6 year old as a defense.

            Red Cross complaint against Rommel Bradley, Water "safety?" instructor
I recently reviewed Red Cross water safety training, It has sections on considerations of disabled individuals "Chapter 9, Disabilities and other health conditions" ( during a leave of absence, a serious heart attack disabled me, just weeks before I met Rommel.) and general safety procedures, including "foreseeable hazards". While working elsewhere under " Water Safety instructor" Rommel Bradley, calls me a thief. (I was not, I never stole anything in five years.) Demands my front door key and tells me if I have to stay late to finish my job, to leave though the back door. ( I often stayed late, to close the day, during the more than five years I worked there, I lived five minutes away so in five years I was called off shift and days off to open, or close or backup the frontdesk. Or what ever, I willingly did this.) Surely Rommel couldn't have thought that locking a person he called a "thief" in the building was a good Ideal. But he still needed someone reliable for the night shift. That would be me as I worked that shift for 5 years. He could have moved me to another shift, he could have fired me. He could have let me transfer. But instead he took my key and threatened to fire me, for protesting the situation. If Rommel the bully boss wanted to act on a grudge to demoralize and diminish me and raise up his insecure self,  Taking my key and sending me out the back door would be they way. Dispite his training,Despite my illness, despite my protest, Despite it being an unethical, possibly illegal action. Rommel tells me I have to exit the club though a self locking rear door at the far back of the building. An exit into a blind alley of a problem shopping center. An area known to locals, over the years, for murders and assaults. Gang activity, and a constant problem of vagrants and intoxicated individuals that constantly hung around. The bank there was robbed a couple times.  The Plaza was such a good location for hit&run crime, off I 95 that US Marshals were  in the parking lot 24/7 for 2 or 3 weeks during the DC sniper incident. In the last year or so. Robbers spent a whole night in that same ally breaking into a vacant store to rob the Credit Union Next door to it. What If had walked into something like that.  Every police department I checked with  recommends against walking alone at night, particularly in blind alleys. So the real experts agree with me.  Sending me into that ally was a  Situation that was a "foreseeable hazard". And Rommel the "Safety expert"  didn't care.   He evens writes me up with lies and exaggerations after several requests to return the key for my safety. He writes, (I still have this anger filled pathological  writeup for my records, and I paraphrase) I have to do my job no matter what and If I don't shut up he will fire me.  He even screams in large caps. "THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED" to my request to be safe working late.  I had a key for five years as the night MOD under 5 other GMs and The GM that replaced Rommel Bradley gave the Key back to me. He showed better judgment than a trained "Red Cross Water Safety expert". I say it again. What kind of Red Cross Safety Trained individual, much less just a decent boss with common sense. Would send a person just weeks after a serious heart attack. Or even a healthy person, into a foreseeable hazard. A hazard such as the back alley of a problem shopping center late at night. Why Get trained and just disregard it. I always thought people who engaged with the Red Cross were special, caring, compassionate people with a higher calling. Then I meet Rommel, A mean, lying, insecure, immature, Office Bully, and worse, willing to indulge an immature, juvenile grudge by sending a sick, disabled man, just doing his job out the back door. late at night. into a "foreseeable Hazard"! Despite him being trained to know better! What a choice. Be locked in by a Front Desk person, who wouldn't or couldn't stay late and close the day. Or leave by the front door, for my own safety and risk being fired for it.
I am somewhat satisfied that at least one of his Red Cross Water Safety Instructor peers (separate from the investigation of the Ethics and Fraud department)   after reading more details, agrees in writing that he has some "flaws in his character." Now If I can just convince the Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center. Apparently, as long as he doesn't demonstrate his "flaws of characters" while actually teaching water safety he can do what he wants elsewhere. Even if he proudly displays his Red Cross Safety "expertise" credentials on his wall, over his shoulder, he can do what he wants. Even humiliate and endanger a sick man. A man 15 or so years his senior, A man he disliked, mostly for standing up to him. Once Rommel had to come on a Sunday morning and open the club an hour late. His "very reliable"  FD person didn't show up, the same  person I had to rely on to stay late for me because I didn't have a key. And had already caused me to walk that ally late at night because she wouldn't stay late.   I called Rommel and waited with a large group of angry regular long term Sunday morning members, including a few I have been  friends with for many years. They know I had a key for 5 years and had seen me open the club many times on a Sunday morning and close many weekday nights without a FD person and manage the club alone for a whole shift numerous times.   I enjoyed all those dues paying folks in good standing, glaring at the obviously incompetent, self serving, grudge holding bully,  Rommel Bradley opening the club over an hour late.  I had to request  one friend to stay out of it, as my job might be at stake.      

I hate to go here, but it is important.  He was abusive towards women. I personally was witness to him, frustrating a least 2 female subordinates and a female member to tears. Mostly just because he could, being the boss and all that. No need for grown man tact. Hey, he almost made me cry. He was that awful. A number of times frustrated coworkers would barge screaming out of his office and most would quit or get fired. I never saw such workplace drama, in 40 years of work, not before Rommel. These and his other bully abuses occurred in maybe just a couple months time that I worked under him him. The list of abuses against me and others goes on and on. His Linkedin Resume claims 22 years as a manager. 22 years hard working people have been putting up with this man child. My research indicates he may have violated ADA/EEOC laws. (he at least broke rules  of professional decency)  I disabled by a heart attack, asked for a "reasonable accommodation". Just to have my Front door key back. As getting over a heart attack, inhibited my ability to fight robbers or run a gauntlet of drunks in an ally late at night. This if circumstances dictated I had to be locked in, (and they did at times) to work late to keep my job. At least that's what I meant. He denied the key, and after several more requests wrote me up even though this last conversation started with him saying his "door was open". He wrote me up that day. A real Pro! Actually a pro would have waited a week or so! For appearances sake. And he couldn't even do it to my face. Told me to read my email as he walked out the door for the day. He included in that backstabbing, lying writeup I couldn't have a bike and other personal property, etc at work. That might explain why mail and prescription medicine being held for me by a coworker disappeared off the coworker's desk, 3 felonies involving my personal property and etc disappearing while I was away and around the time Rommel  and I met over the phone and had a few heated Long Distance conversations about commissions. I am sure this was when Rommel's bully grudge was set   Rommel didn't care much when I reported the 3 felonies in his club to him.( I opine he already knew where my missing property was.) When I got back. he cared so little, I reported it to his boss. This from a man who accused me of being a thief. And was willing to endangered me to make his point. You would think he would take felonies in his club very seriously, Nope. The way he treated me and others. His duplicity, And If he cared to endanger and me and lie about it. Rommel had unfettered access to all areas of the club, I am of the opinion, he came upon my unguarded "property and etc" he would later ridiculously write I couldn't have at work. Expensive Medicine that was to be shipped to the employer, per the company health Ins. it was purchased under.  Medicine that would have prevented the aforementioned Heart Attack. If it had been re forwarded to me on my trip as arranged.   How dare I stand up for myself or threaten to go over Rommel's unreasonable bully head in that phone call, how dare I forward my mail to  "Rommel's"  club.  Rommel decided to"foward" my mail for me, to the dump. Certainly if he had the bad judgement  to so openly endanger me and inconvenience members over a key to the club.  Quietly tossing my property would be a no brainer. That is my opinion based on facts and his written word.   Instead I was dragged unconscious  off an Amtrak train,  almost died in the back of an ambulance a 1000 miles from home and anybody I knew, and am crippled for the rest of my now  shortened life. And not a word about my constant nagging for my key in that writeup! Just a bully lie of omission, bully lies in general  and  a bullyshutup.  Anyway the thought of him giving "safety?" lessons , or being a manager makes me nauseous. Even if he doesn't  anybody hurt, it is at least disingenuous. On Linkedin Rommel professes a PE degree and notes he played football. My opinion is that he might not have actually taken these or similarly required  classes, such as SALM 4210 - Legal Issues and Risk Management in Sport and Leisure Activities or PEXS 4977 - Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities. Which any intelligent person could apply some to being a good manager. Not Rommel, not with me. Just my opinion, but the bullying behavior football players are known to practice among themselves. Makes me think Rommel feels it's exceptable for the rest of us.   Tough office love as it were. It's not exceptable to me. 

Note: I didn't know of Rommel's Nasty Omega Psi Phi, Academy of abuse, connection at the time I filed this complaint.   Like so many who might review his resume, His Greek life was  just a foot note.  Now I know better I opine, it may have  been the only honest thing he accomplished In College, and not a good accomplishment. An education and entitlement to abuse.

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)