Lately Rommel has been passing himself off as a swell guy, compassionate and a humanitarian of sorts. Even a Christian.Don't be mislead. That is not at all the "man" I worked with.  Read on!    

Workplace Bullying Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior or unfair actions directed at another individual, causing the recipient to feel threatened, abused, humiliated or vulnerable. Workplace bullies and targets may be employees, clients or vendors of the affected organization.

       Maybe your reading this because you want to hire Rommel Bradley as a swim instructor, or Red Cross Water "safety"? expert, or a GM, or for some other reason. I make the case and provide documentation here, he was/is disingenuous, unethical, dishonest, of bad judgement,  and a potentially dangerous serial abuser of people he should be a good steward over. A pathological Bully Boss! People willing to get up everyday and go to work deserve better than the likes of Rommel Bradley.

From his recent Thumbtack Advertisement. 

"I have 30 years of professional experience in teaching aquatics to children and "elderly" 

     I assume he means he does his job in a safe, professional and ethical manner. When I worked with Rommel, despite the man's protests and threatening his job, Rommel  would daily  leave a  man 15 years his senior and crippled from a recent heart attack. (I opine, resulting from Rommel's misconduct!) in a situation Rommel's Red Cross training  would describe as a "foreseeable  hazard." Than maybe head on over to the pool, and work with an  "elderly" or sick person for cash. In my life, I swear, I never saw such mean, selfish, unethical, dangerous, dis ingenuousness.  I make the case in these pages, Rommel is dishonest, Lying,unethical, disingenuous and a serial abuser of subordinates. Which boosters the argument  he is also, I opine, a tampering thief.                He wants you to entrust him with your child for cash. Yet he had to be dragged into court to be maderesponsible for his own children. There is so much more wrong with this Omega"man"!

Please read on!

       Rommel admitted to most of the following  in a Red Cross Investigation for ethics, violations.  The OPP tool can dispute it all he wants to! I make the case, GM  John Nasrudden also violated  EEOC laws, he is named, his actions described  in my EEOC complaint.

                                                                                   Rommel Bradley Dangerous bully boss


   Rommel brags on his body  and his "professional" online resume, his association, with possibly the most dangerous Fraternity in America, a "brotherhood" steeped in  depravity, Omega Psi Phi (OPP), as if their reputation for hazing,  bullying, violence, female abuse, pledge injury and manslaughter, and  a handiness with  hot iron and academic cheating, are  job assets, Please read on!

      Rommel Bradley had just one thing that made him feel he was better than anybody else, that he could treat other people pretty much as he pleased. He was the boss. He had power over people, he didn't deserve and that he abused.  He behaved, in a self entitled manner, almost nobody would or should tolerate otherwise. He claimed he was the better man for the job, because of his "earned" credentials, Yet he acted unethically, disingenuously  and/or ignorant of the knowledge those credentials implied he had. He most likely violated ADA and EEOC laws.  His online resumes, claim success after success as a GM in the fitness industry. Yet when the Club Rommel and I worked together at closed down, after all his "successes," he shifts to predatory (title loans) lending. It is a nasty business, but I opine it suited his nasty nature. The term "predatory" fits him nicely. And I met another one  of the  many he abused in his career,  working at Rommel's store during a business call. She cried at the mention of his name. He bullied her that badly! What a creep, a total OPPtool.      

        In Red Cross interrogatories to a complaint against him, Rommel admitted to his misconduct. Rommel tried to justify his self entitled nastyness. As if he didn't have a clue how to be a good steward, a decent person, to his subordinates, his co-workers, other human beings. If I didn't experience it, see it. I might not believe a person could be so self entitledly rotten.  So follows some of it:

       Brow beating bullying of a number of female subordinates to the point of tears.

       Brow beating, bullying a female member to the point of tears. In front of her children. While he was clueless about the policy he was bullying her over. He  hand to faced me when I tried to instruct him, the female member was doing nothing wrong. This OPP tool just couldn't resist an opportunity to ply his bully craft. Even with a customer! From his indeed resume: " emphasis on providing excellent customer service"

         Almost weekly, other brow beaten bullied, subordinates of many persuasions and  lifestyles (if you get my drift),  left Rommel's office, often screaming back,  in defensive insubordination. Almost all fired or they quit. "Cleaning House" Rommel called it in Red Cross interrogatories. In 40 years of work, I never saw anything like it.  And I worked for some real tools. Rommel surpassed them all.
again from Indeed: "Driving for positive change"

     I note again,  he brags on his body  and his "professional" linkedin resume, his association, with possibly the most dangerous Fraternity in America, a "brotherhood" steeped in depravity , Omega Psi Phi (OPP), as if their reputation for hazing,  bullying, violence, female abuse, pledge injury and manslaughter, and  a handiness with  hot iron and academic cheating, are  job assets.  Evidence of a  self entitled  tendency towards abusing  others and  bad judgement for the suggestion his OPP past is a job asset. And showing more concern for networking with his OPP brothers, than what civil people might think of his abusive past!  Research them yourself, *google "complaints Omega Psi Phi" It is disgusting! The colossally, accused, arrested, and charged, abuser of women, Bill Cosby is an esteemed alumni of  the OPP academy and "brotherhood" of self entitled abusive behavior. If they do any good at all, it is negated by the depravity.  Truly grown, mature, responsible men, leave the worst of their past behind. They don't promote it  Professionally.   What a stupid, obtuse "man", Rommel is. For a long time I have been attempting to wash off the stench of my short association with this Omega "man" I most likely never will. Rommel's resume, implies he is the best of the brightest, his actions and by his own admissions, he is really the best of abusers. What things may he have done, I don't know about, that I didn't witness, experience. I dread to even think on it! I can only try to stop it, by exposing his  nastyness and hopefully limit his opportunities to abuse others, practicing his self entitled bully c

Youtube offers many videos from Ministers, educaters and OPP members, denouncing OPP and Greek life in general. Beware the stories and depictions, are disturbing, degrading and beneath human dignity. It is no wonder some young men, like Rommel, become mentally and spiritually bent.

A new film, most likely based on Omega Psi Phi, "Burning Sands" critically acclaimed presents a powerful depiction of depraved hazing, violence and rituals. The endorsement of these depravaties Rommel has burnt into his shoulder.  "Hazing: How badley do you want in" Bryon Hurt award winning documentary film maker. Omega Psi Phi member

A news story about another OPP bully, abusing women subordinates:


Rommel Bradley, dangerous bully boss

           I opine, tampering and theft of  prescription medicine and personal property supported by:  "No personal belongings, such as bikes, etc" comments in a lying retaliatory writeup, abusive bullying and other self serving, disingenuous, behavior that  Rommel admitted to a Red Cross investigator.

Employer Resource Council - Workplace Bullying Institute (unedited)
Nov 10, 2013 - Tampering with someone's personal belongings; intruding on someone ... Aggressively forcing or persuading someone to say or do things against ... discomfort, fear, overt emotional displays, and avoiding one's boss!  From my research, Rommel is a textbook pathological  bully boss and worse, dangerously self indulged. Dispite being a Water "Safety"! expert with the Red Cross. Claiming  to have expertise with the "elderly" in the pool, at the same time endangering a sick older subordinate at his other job.  How does he reconcile that along with his other abusive actions, against subordinates. 

       Because the man, disabled and 15 years Rommel's senior and a five year employee, before Rommel arrived, had the audacity to stand up to him.  Rommel took his front door key away and threatened his job. Forcing the  disabled subordinate, to keep his job, to leave by a self locking rear entrance to a blind alley of an unsafe shopping plaza, late at night. And a long, dark, walk around the building to the front. Despite  the man's protests.  Despite Rommel  being a "safety expert" of sorts with the Red Cross. His Red Cross training, would call it a "foreseeable hazard" This while, the front door vestibule allowed a safe view, behind a locked door,  of the parking lot before exiting the club. And just a few steps to a parked  vehicle.  But, young, healthy Rommel could leave nice and safe, if he worked alone late, he had a key!

          Accused the disabled subordinate of being a thief, Rommel barely knew the man, they had just met. He wasn't a thief, therefore not a shred of evidence. Rommel admitted so to the Red Cross investigator. Just Rommel's excuse, to act on a grudge, because the guy stood up to him. Rommel the "safety expert"  was  willing to leave a sick, disabled man facing a "foreseeable hazard" on a nightly bases. Despite the man's numerous protests. Rommel a Safety Expert of anything, my buttocks!

          Willing to disingenuously and in a self serving manner, to lock the disabled subordinate in the building he was supposedly stealing from, because he knew the disabled subordinate, had been a reliable, competent,  night MOD for five years. Classic bully boss behavior, to take  advantage of,  belittle, humiliate, and lower status of subordinates.  In the process putting the  disabled subordinate in a hazardous situation on a daily basis.  Despite having the word "safety" in his Red Cross Job title.

          Wrote up the disabled subordinate, after claiming "my door is open" to a request for a meeting. Writing "THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED" in screaming large caps, to disabled subordinate's  complaints of not being safe working late without a key.  And Lying about status of membership billing complaints and other issues. And Threatening his Job. The coward, Rommel, couldn't even do it in person. Told the man to read his email, going safely out the front door, to teach water safety or do rehabilitation in the pool with a sick, crippled or elderly person perhaps. Again leaving the sick, disabled man in a situation, Rommel's Red Cross training would call a "foreseeable hazard" with no front door key. To exit into that back alley. To protect his job, his lively hood, his health insurance.  Rommel admitted this to the Red Cross, saying he didn't think It was wrong. Such a "safety expert" he is! My  Research notes, that police and a six  year old, advise against walking alone at night. Rommel, who had the word "safety" in his Red Cross job title, claims to not have the good judgement of a six year old. Yet he did act like one. A spoiled one!

          No mention of disabled subordinate's  door key issue in a retaliatory lying  writeup,  a lie of omission. It was the reason for the subordinate wanting the meeting to begin with. After another uncomfortable, long walk around the building, alone late at night. After Rommel's "reliable" Front Desk person with the key, refused to stay late for club business. She was anything but reliable! Rommel had to open the club an hour late one morning she didn't show.

      Rommel had to come open the club an hour late, because his "reliable" front desk person, with the key didn't show.(nor would she stay late, if necessary! )  The reliable, disabled subordinate who had a key for 5 years. Who would normally back up the FD, in opening ,operating and closing the club, and often had in 5 years. Called Rommel and  just waited with a lot of  angry members (some were friends) and employees, who knew he used to have a key.  It was more important, that Rommel, as a bully boss. Got his bully way, than smooth operation of the club and serving the membership and staff. This point was discussed previously, in the meeting that ended in the retaliatory write up.  Rommel didn't care. The suggestion, or any attempt at reason, just made him "wrong" and angry and retaliatory.  You can't reason with a bully boss. They can't be "wrong," Classic bully bossing. Go ahead and hire him to run your club. Take care of your members/customers. Stewart your employees. Act out his grudges, like a spoiled first grader or an OPP branded Omega Man. From his indeed resume:"emphasis on providing excellent customer service"

     I opine, "safety expert" Rommel didn't know where the Fire extinguisher,15 feet from his  office was, when the sauna caught on fire.  Sauna a total loss, club members possibly  endangered! I was off that night, this was reported by a coworker, who  got along with Rommel. We both rolled our eyes, at Rommel's Red Cross Water "Safety?" Expert Credentials hanging on the wall.  Rommel was the boss, he was the "safety expert", He of all people should  have known where the extinguisher was, that he should have used it on an electrical fire, any fire, instead of water.  I did. I had before!

      Rommel attempted to involve me in making the case a mentally challenged member, and the Club chiropractor, Rommel  didn't get along with, could be arsonists, It was an accident ! The loss of the sauna might have been mitigated by the fire extinguisher if used. I opine, it was his incompetence. And I opine, he didn't want to except responsibility for his inadequacy in  handling the fire.  Classic Bully Bossing, put the blame on others.
      No "Personal belongings such as bikes,etc". I opine, his  focus on a stupid bicycle on a pile of junk and worn out stationary bikes in a storeroom  of the gym. Took the place in his brain where the fire extinguisher's location should have been stored. I note this, just to make fun of Rommel, but it might be true. Who knows with him, he did act supremely stupid, and, I opine, not near as educated as his resume claims he is. I opine academic cheating!  Stupid as it was, it was probably the most honest point in a retaliatory lying writeup. 

              I opine, tampering and  disposing of mail and prescription medicine, purchased though the  company health Insurance . (3 felonies) This lead to a life threatening heart attack, that disabled a subordinate.  The medicine couldn't be forwarded, as pre arranged,  to the subordinate on a leave of absence.  I make my case in my Red Cross Complaint. He made it clear how he felt about the subordinates  property, writing "No personal belongings, such as bikes, etc" after the fact. That is so stupidly general and betraying of  a mindset, you could write someone up for  wearing pants  at work.  Or, I opine, to be self entitled (a bully boss)enough to dispose (tampering, theft) of their property, mail and medicine. And If, no one was looking, you might get away with 3 felonies. Rommel showed such brazen, self entitled, grudging, endangering, meanness towards me and others, Who else would I blame. I have been mugged with more compassion!  In the two other cases of bully bosses, I was privy to, but not involved, both were found to be thieves and were prosecuted. I opine, Rommel was more the tampering type. Tampering, stealing, It's the same to me. My property disappeared and I almost died. And I blame Rommel.   The man is so stupid, and full of himself, he practically put it in writing.  Employer Resource Council - Workplace Bullying Institute (unedited)
Nov 10, 2013 - Tampering with someone's personal belongings; intruding on someone ... Aggressively forcing or persuading someone to say or do things against ... discomfort, fear, overt emotional displays, and avoiding one's boss, which ..        

            Rommel Bradley, was/is a disingenuous, self serving, dangerous, lying, bully boss, who admitted to most of the above, and more during a Red Cross investigation  and almost lost  his Red Cross credentials for ethics violations. He was issued a  warning (wrote up) and my complaint and interrogatories remain on his Red Cross file.  He can continue to work disingenuously as a "safety expert" and swim instructor. I wouldn't take a quick swimming lesson from him if I was drowning. From his current Thumbtack Advertisement. 

"I have 30 years of professional experience in teaching aquatics to children and "elderly" 

     I assume he means he does his job in a safe and professional, ethical manner. When I worked with Rommel, I was 15 years his senior and crippled from a recent heart attack.( I opine, resulting from his misconduct!)  I think that qualifies me as "elderly" bending the definition  a little. It didn't  matter, to him,  It  shows how despicably, disingenuous he can be. Daily he would live a sick, much older person, in  a  situation his Red Cross training  would describe as a foreseeable  hazard. Than maybe head on over to the pool, and work with a sick or  "elderly" person for cash. In my life, I swear, I never saw such mean, selfish, dis ingenuousness.  Go on, spend your money with him. But given his past bad judgement. I wouldn't advise paying  money to find out. He is dishonest, unethical and disingenuous. And boosters the argument  he is also, I opine, a tampering thief.  

      Are you getting, I was the disabled subordinate. I freely admit my bias. You put up with his bully boss, disingenuous, dangerous, lying,  I opine, criminal, misconduct, for a couple of months. Come out of it crippled for life. See how you feel about it.

       After Rommel left for another Club. The new, GM returned the key to Me. He agreed it made sense, it was the practical thing to do. It was that simple.  I could feel safe working late again. And again, backup the Front Desk. In fact none of my other five or six or 7 or 8 General Managers, denied me a key.  Just Rommel!

       Read on about the why of Rommel, treating a disabled subordinate, a disabled member, female subordinates, a female member  and others  in this manner.  He admitted to most of it, to a Red Cross investigator, mostly I assume because he didn't want to get caught  lying. Knowing there were witnesses to most of his bully bossing. Finally some honesty!

I am pretty sure, Rommel was a bully boss long before I met him. Research indicates, there is not much to be done to stop a bully boss, one works under. Years of getting their way, makes them more brazen, meaner, self entitled. While HR and bosses, just finagle their way around the abuse, if even brought to their attention. Same as happened to me. I would have loved to see his self entitled face,when he realized, that finally, someone was  calling him on his self entitled bullshit. And Calling loudly!  To quote Rommel "After giving it careful thought and consideration" That is my entitlement

            A week or so after I met one of his then current on the job victims,  a women who started crying at the mention of his name.  Rommel and I engaged in a short, man to man chat conversation. I reminded Rommel, how awful he treated me and others, how I was going to try to stop his self entitled bully bossing. He didn't deny anything. He said I should forget and he would "pray" for me. I said he couldn't "prey" on me anymore. Can you believe this evil OPP self entitled bullying bastard!

          Rommel called the whole sales team, myself, the Gm and sales manager, (good decent people, unlike Rommel) previous to him dishonest and unethical for writing, "not by the book" new  memberships. Especially around Close out. These memberships  sales were not fraudulent, we just bent the rules a little to close sales.I opine, It was tacitly approved by corporate, especially around closeout.  Rommel did the same thing. He even had his own term for them "deviated deals".  He even allowed new memberships from people who's accounts were in collection. A big no no, we didn't do. Maybe his bosses said it was  ok or tacitly approved. So be it.  It just shows how arrogant, dense and Narcissistic he is. Maybe it caused the crybaby, a headache to two. When I first came to work. Five years before Rommel showed up. I cut my membership consultant chops, Cleaning up the mess from the previous  sales team after an ownership turnover. The temporary  assistant manager and I spent  months on that mess, He was glad for the help after it  became apparent that I had good administrative skills. Which I had learned from running a couple of my own businesses  for a number of years. And I learned the ridiculous  and stupid corp paperwork involved. Because of high turn over, often, I was the only staff member who had a full grasp of the subject.  When Rommel wrote me up, he tried to make it appear I was incompetent and negligent in that regard. A bold face lie.  In fact, there was a pile of finished paperwork on his desk for his review and to be sent to corp. I am still convinced he didn't know what to do, and didn't want to ask.  I was sending angry members to him, whose problems were not resolved. Paperwork Still  sitting on his desk.  He had no choice after he wrote me up. I did use that to bust his chops  some. He had no grounds to complain or act against me. Lies can only be stretched so far. 

     This is an attempt to make Rommel accountable for his, self entitled, bullying, disingenuous, dangerous, misconduct, and prevent him from practicing his bully craft on other unfortunate subordinates. People willing to get up and go to work every day deserve better. Add S&H to that!

Workplace Bullying Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior or unfair actions directed at another individual, causing the recipient to feel threatened, abused, humiliated or vulnerable. Workplace bullies and targets may be employees, clients or vendors of the affected organization.

     Mark Fisher, current CEO of Sport and Health,  was informed of Rommel's misconduct. I opine, Mr Fisher was incompetent, in the matter,that he didn't recognize and  act on possible, EOE and ADA violations and bully boss behavior. Instead he  gave this "man"  five years on the job. Likely subjecting  staff to more abusive bullying, documented here.  But I opine, Mark Fisher, Now a Big shot  CEO, seemed not to have a clue.  Or didn't care! Either, I opine, is incompetence! His HR chief at the time, Jill Brown,  blackmailed me to to drop my EEOC complaint, to not contest unemployment. I opine, MD Tony Cox stole the money, I paid back, that I was fired over. Besides that, I caught Tony taking cash under false pretenses and pocketing it.  (I told him to give the member the money back,  I didn't want to drag a new member into the fray as a witness) and GM Mike Smallcorn fired Tony Cox for the same thing. I opine, Mark fisher, and some of the Corporate  staff at  Sport and Health are the most unprofessional folks I ever met.   How  should it have been handled.  Simple: "Mr Bradley, I Mark Fisher. as a professional, decent, ethical man. Working for S&H a professional, decent, ethical Corporation. Find that taking a sick subordinate's key, who for five years  worked the night shift, often after hours.  Locking the sick subordinate, who was recovering from a heart attack,  in the club you claimed, without a shred of evidence he was stealing from.  As to force him to leave by a back door into an alley of an unsafe shopping plaza late at night. Instead of safely by the front door, is a despicable, unethical act, Likely an illegal one!  We also don't like our GM's to write lying, job threatening, retaliatory writeups. We especially won't have,  bully bosses, abusing subordinates!   Here are your walking papers."  Screw you Mark!  You know you were informed of these issues. The Red Cross ethics and fraud department did what you should have done. An investigation, and from Rommel's own admissions, recommended Rommel's Red Cross Credentials be revoked.  His other Job for the Red Cross! Water "safety"? instructor!   Rommel defended his actions, claiming he was hired to "clean house"!  I opine, as if those or similar words passed between him and the bosses who hired him. I opine,as if Rommel's bosses, see the people who work in their clubs as dirt that needs to be swept away! Just despicable! Unethical and  I opine his bosses,  became  bully boss's by proxy. And Rommel saw it as carte blanche permission to practice his Bully Craft. Bullying all sorts of subordinates and even members.  Practicing it to the point of putting a sick subordinate daily in a situation his Red Cross training would describe as a "foreseeable hazard!"  People willing to get up and go to work everyday, deserve better!

     I in 2014, I filed a complaint with a local county facility, where Rommel, hung his credentials. I claimed, based on my experience he was unfit, unethical for the job. The GM, for whatever reason, tried to whitewash my complaint. I took it higher. Including filing a complaint with the Red Cross.  Rommel was soon gone!  By this time the Red Cross was investigating my complaint. The County Attorney, eventually took up the case. Both, had access to these same documents.  Don't know exactly what happened.  But the long time GM, was very soon afterwards Replaced. Coincidence perhaps! Or Maybe some professional and ethical accountability!





Workplace Bullying Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior or unfair actions directed at another individual, causing the recipient to feel threatened, abused, humiliated or vulnerable. Workplace bullies and targets may be employees, clients or vendors of the affected organization.


What  would cause a seemingly educated and seemingly civic minded person to act as a bully, the worst kind of bully boss? I opine a disingenuous, thieving, disregarding, endangering, self-entitled, bully boss, capable of the worse judgement I have seen  in a grown man in a professional setting. He didn't seem to be an truly educated man. I opine, Rommel Acted more like an indulged, entitled frat kid. Academic Cheating is rampant in Fraternities. Rommel was  a self entitled disingenuous lier, as  a boss, I opine,why wouldn't he be a self entitled disingenuous lier as a student IE:an academic  cheater.   Omega Psi Phi, Rommel's college fraternity, might be why or at least a large part of Rommel's self entitled mental issues. My research recently informs me that Omega Psi Phi, Rommel's Fraternity,has a huge infamy for dangerous hazing.  Rommel brags on his resume, his affiliation with the Greek organization with one of the worst reputations  for female abuse, hazing, bullying, injury and pledge manslaughter, pages and pages of Complaints, legal actions, News stories, Magazines Articles, first hand accounts and Lawsuits, from a google search. No surprise, the self entitled, druging, rapist  Bill Crosby was an "Omega Man."   Between Football's known bullying excesses and His frat association, his university  years, earned Rommel a major in Bullying  from Omega Psi Phi with a burnt skin diploma and I opine, a dubiously earned PE degree. (I make my case in my Red Cross Complaint.) He is so proud of his association with, taking and giving of abuses. Behaviors  civil people find shocking, many of them criminal acts, these days. He wears the OMEGA letter branded  on his right arm.  Not a tattoo, and as commonly practiced, It was likely applied with  a hot coat hanger, or such, by his Frat buddies. How repugnant can you get.  Rommel Bradley, who had himself, branded for life, as a bully, that he was willing to participate in barbaric actions, that are now Illegal.  Almost 50 years old and Rommel still proudly wears the brand of a misguided group of young, bullying, abusing, hazing, beating and yes, man slaughtering, College kids. No!! Claiming brotherhood. Doing a charity car wash, serving soup and sandwiches to the homeless once in while. Doesn't justify the turpitude. Nor dragging that self entitled  crap, into the workplace, practicing it on  civil people. Practicing it on me!!!   Time to grow up and do a  cover up  Rommel! I suggest an apple with feet, the Christian fruit representative of sin but the potential of salvation in Christ.  Rommel Claims to be a praying man,( I prefer preying) so he might get that.

                        Hate Prey                 LovePray

Just imagine, I opine, the depravity! You pledge! You take the worse your "brothers" can dish out and  get though it alive and reasonably intact. Have the omega burned into your skin! Then you are empowered to dish your worse out, on your "brothers", for a few years.  Now imagine, I opine 4 years later sending Rommel, out into the work world, with that kind of "Entitlement."  An earned entitlement to abuse others.  If a person could do that to his "brothers"?   The brother/pledge and boss/subordinate relationships are not that different in the aspect of empowerment.  Empower him as a boss. Add a grudge against a subordinate. And you get Rommel and I. Really, I could care less what a bunch of frat guys do to each other at the frathouse . But I will be damned, if I will except that nasty dysfunction be imposed by a branded bully boss in the Workplace.  And I am sure 20 some years worth of workplace excesses against others he was the bully boss over. I doubt what I saw and experienced in two months, was any thing new to Rommel, just Routine, abuse and bullying and worse of coworkers,  just another days work.  "Cleaning house" was  the excuse he used to the Red Cross investigator, to explain himself.  Bullying and abusing, subordinates, coworkers, people, and other peoples mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins. Just regular folks with the misfortune  of waking up one day to go to work under the "Omega Man" Rommel Bradley. None of us signed on for it.  Rommel just expected us take it,  because he was  the  boss.  He was again empowered, entitled to bully and abuse. That, was what he meant when he admitted to "cleaning house." 

     How could one associate themselves, for 4 years  of willingly  taking and giving of  man on man abuse, violence and humiliation. And not be effected by it.  Frat life the way Rommel experienced it, (evident by his branding) was schooling for future bully bossing.  At the still formative age Rommel was bitch slapping and branding his frat brothers. I was working with real grown men, in a steel mill. Never saw anything approaching Rommel's behavior as I observed it. .  But real grown, hardened men, don't need to bully to be what they are, MEN!   Not a manchild, acting out his  frat days while wearing the brand of a  bully. And Rommel, feels (or used to) it was ok to bring a watered down version of his frat days, bullying, abusing, insulting, humiliating his subordinates on the job, and in my case, I opine, theft and endangerment.

    With all due respects to the rest of Opp's membership and affiliation. Those who went though that hazing, that branding. Made a  sort of bilateral contract of abuse  with each other. If you have come  into the world professional, civil, leaving that aspect of fraternity behind. You have my respect. Thank you for taking the higher road.   And then there is the low road.

I opine, Rommel Bradley is my number one candidate for the disappearance (3 felonies!) off a desk, of Prescription medicine purchased under the company health insurance. Shipped to a coworker, to be forwarded to me on a trip, before I met Rommel in person. This around the time we had some heated exchanges on the phone over commissions, and he was reluctant to help. If I had known, I was dealing with an impetuous, stupid, vindictive, man child, I might have used more tact. Not getting my medicine, incited a heart attack that almost killed me and crippled me for life. It was my personal "property,etc." My  name was on the shipping label. I opine, him being a impetuous, stupid, vindictive, bully boss, he was, most likely, furious how I stood up to him on the phone. Likely saw a package and other mail sitting on a desk in the PT office, with my name on the label, where it all disappeared from. He did write, obtusely, I couldn't have "personal property, etc" at work, After the fact. In a retaliatory, lying writeup. And his other stupid, vindictive, disregarding, unethical behavior towards me and others, causes me to opine he was more than capable of tossing my "personal property,etc". He showed such stupid, vindictive, disingenuous, bad judgement, in so many ways. I further my case in my complaint to the Red Cross, posted here.         

            Since Rommel Bradley, proudly includes the time period of our co-employment on his two online resumes and surely does on any personally submitted resumes. I feel I have a right to contest his competence, ethics and professionalism during the time we worked together. I opine some of his impetuous, stupid, vindictive on the job misconduct, was criminal, even felonious. Certainly, unethical and disingenuous. (the Red Cross Agrees) His Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas, Star Aquatic & Fitness, and they have been forwarded this information. This for the protection of staff and membership in case Rommel Bradley should apply his bully boss abuses there. And it's fair, he gets to speak his piece, defend his sorry self. Even lie, if need be. More than I got. A bully shut up, bully lies in general, and a big bully lie of omission, in a retaliatory writeup. And he continued to put me in a disingenuous and dangerous situation on the job. Despite his College PE and Red Cross training, that would lead one to think he would know better. And against my protests! And I was ill! It did shut me up!... for a time! His viscous self absorption and judgement clouding ambition crossed the line of professionalism into vindictive evil, I say, I saw, I experienced. (Prey) on that Rommel Bradley. Someone might think I overstate the case! You put up with his unethical, disregarding, lying, worse for a couple months, come out of it crippled for life. See how you feel. I am trying to make sure you don't.

     Rarely do people who want to keep working, complain to the point of stopping these bully bosses. I never went over his head, on his bullying issues. I did file an official complaint against him after my  termination. ( The, Red Cross investigator, Opined that the circumstances of my termination, not by Rommel.  Were blatant EOE violations. Thank You Sport and Health Clubs )  Honestly, I felt so valueless and put upon, the thought of unemployment and getting well sounded like heaven.   Well I am retired now. I got nothing to lose. Rommel will now get the lesson in professional decency he deserves and might just modify his on the job nastiness. I might be doing him a favor, before he actually hurts someone else. If any body reading this has experienced any of Rommel Bradley's excesses, I would like to to know. and promise privacy. If I get enough details together, I will submit them to the Red Cross, who also promise privacy. I will also try to get his current employer to audit his disciplinary decisions for the last year. I want you to know someone is on your side. I have learned a lot researching my case. I believe I have some new allies and some leverage. If Rommel is behaving himself. Doing his job ethically, honestly, professionally. With integrity. Well, lets all go live in peace. Honestly, I am sure he is slipping a bully boss move in now and then. It just seemed so instinctive in him.



  Every police department I checked with recommends against walking alone at night,      particularly in blind alleys. I asked a 6 year old. She knew it. The Experts and a six year old agree with me. To that  point,  Rommel, called me a thief and took my front door key. Told me to leave by a self locking read door, to a back alley.  Rommel was willing to lock a man he called a thief (I was not) in the building he was supposedly stealing from. It just shows his vindictive, stupid. mindset.  A hallmark of a bully boss, they make no sense sometimes. Except to themselves, I suppose.  He was like this all the time, senseless, unreasonable. And you can't reason with a bully boss, because they don't understand, reason and wrong,  are not mutually exclusive.   Another hallmark.
  I had been going to this shopping plaza since I was a teenager. I had owned a home in a near by neighborhood. I had Shopped in this Gym, where Rommel and I worked together, when it was a grocery store.   I did business with a woman store owner, who was Robbed, raped and murdered in the Plaza.  Killed by a stranger, a walkaway from a prison road crew, who just wondered into her store and had used that alley to cross the plaza out of sight. The police, while dealing with an issue with a homeless person in front of the gym. Told me there were hundreds of homeless people in the woods surrounding the plaza, I feel for the homeless , but it  did created problems at the plaza. I knew it already, I just didn't know there were so many.  A homeless man was murdered in the woods behind the plaza, next to the alley where Rommel suggested I walk alone late at night. There were many others reasons not to be alone at night, in that alley and that shopping center.  I detail them later.   I tried, a number of times, to tell Rommel how I felt, what I knew. How I was ill, He wouldn't have it. Instead he did a retaliatory lying writeup to shut me up, threatened my job, my health insurance, which given my health,  I desperately needed.  Maybe he didn't mind walking it. He was young, definitely dumb and he wasn't getting over a serious heart attack. 
Anyway he didn't care. During the Red Cross investigation, Rommel told the Red Cross he didn't  think it was wrong to take my key and tell me to leave the club by the alley exit "B". Can you believe this guy.  With  "safety expert" in his Red Cross job title. He claims not to  have the good judgement of a 6 year old as a defense. Honestly, he flabbergasts me.

A great boss of mine.  A real grown up man, I worked with for half my five years, at this club. Confirmed, to the Red Cross,  that I was a good employee, and not what Rommel was trying to insinuate in his retaliatory lying writeup.  This boss was the polar opposite of what I observed of Rommel as a boss for the 2 months I worked under him. I think 2.5 years with him says a lot more than my first 3 weeks, with the bully boss Rommel Bradley. 3 weeks, with Rommel, and I had already, been disregarded, endangered, and defamed in writing.  And I had observed, the worst behaviors I had ever witnessed from a grown man in a professional setting. Only with a few unruly children in the gyms Kids Klub, had I seen anything  close to his immaturity, and lack of impulse control in a business setting.

   Rommel still has his Red Cross Credentials.  Seems the lawyers (always the lawyers) recommended he keep them, Because of certain inadequacies in my Documentation and  a number of years passing. (they better hope he doesn't hurt someone,  as a  Red Cross instructor or in some other professional capacity). He was reprimanded and put on notice and my complaint and  interrogatories, remains officially on his file. Hopefully he has learned that coworkers and subordinates are not fodder for his man child grudges and management inadequacies. That when he swore to a code of ethics he was bound by it.  Not the exception, so as to disregard his training and his sworn ethics to "clean house" to quote Rommel, to the Red Cross. As I detail here. Rommel Bradley was the meanest, most unethical, dishonest person I ever met professionally and maybe otherwise. More so for signing a code of ethics with the Red Cross and simply ignoring those ethics and his professional training.   I don't know the nature of his affiliation now,  but he most likely swore to a very stringent code of ethics with his Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Did he not absorb anything from the process.

Workplace Bullying: Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior or unfair actions directed at another individual, causing the recipient to feel threatened, abused, humiliated or vulnerable. Workplace bullies and targets may be employees, clients or vendors of the affected organization.



                                                    Red Cross Code of Ethics, short form.

6. Operate in any manner that is contrary to the best interest of the American Red Cross.   Keeping The Fundamental Principles in mind that is.

  • Compassionate: We are dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve and to treating each other with care and respect.
  • Collaborative: We work together as One Red Cross family, in partnership with other organizations, and always embrace diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Creative: We seek new ideas, are open to change and always look for better ways to serve those in need.
  • Credible: We act with integrity, are transparent guardians of the public trust and honor our promises.
  • Committed: We hold ourselves accountable for defining and meeting clear objectives, delivering on our mission and carefully stewarding our donor funds.

On further thought, a list of professions and their basic tenets, that we all understand  there are consequences if the basic tenets are violated.

Doctors, heal and do no harm

Lawyers, practice no malfeasance

Police commit no crimes.

Teachers do not consort with students

 and my personal favorite.  ( I just wish it was true.)

Red Cross Representatives with the word "safety" in their job title, don't, bully abuse and endanger people. Anywhere, anytime for any reason.   

I am sure Rommel Bradley is unhappy with my complaining about him.  He should of thought about that when he was  using his GM job to bully, abuse, endanger, to "clean house". If he is treating people decent these days. Maybe it is because of my complaining. Good for them.

                    Why am I doing this

In November of 2013, being in a cash bind, I sought to borrow money on my Car. Locally I shopped most of the local title (predatory)  loan companies. Including one, that I was vaguely aware that Rommel Bradley (His Indeed resume says he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness) a previous Bully GM of mine was a local manager. At the time I didn't care, I just wanted the best terms.   After the young lady, that was helping me finished quoting me terms and Policy, I prepared to leave.  I wish now that I hadn't but I did. I asked if she knew Rommel Bradley, not expecting much. She immediately went from smiling and engaging, to upset and almost crying. I said I knew he was a horrible man. She said she couldn't talk about it. I said I understood completely and left. I too had suffered at the hands of this dangerous office bully, who wrote me up with mostly lies to shut me up. I was furious, I couldn't even go into a public store front, and mention his name and not have a subordinate of Rommel Bradley almost start crying. This a number of years after my horrible experience with him. He was still at it!  His abuse of women subordinates, was one of my biggest issues with the man. Not to mention the  excesses he committed against me. I made up my mind to stop  this atrocious and dangerous office bully. I figure the best way to do that, is to expose him.

     In a chat conversation,  I had  a short man to man with Rommel with grown man to man  words and I informed him I was going to expose him. He could have stopped all this right than and there.  Just by saying a heart felt sorry.  He just said I should forget.  And He would pray for me. I replied he couldn't prey on me any more.

     In April 2014, Rommel  included on his resume, that he taught Red Cross Water safety at the Local County Rec Center. I was floored  to be reminded  that this dangerous, self righteous, bad judgmental, bully boss, taught safety of any kind anywhere. Especially for the Red Cross. I filed a complaint with the Rec Center Management, describing how he disregarded my safety as a disabled subordinate of his elsewhere.   Dates Verified by the Red Cross acknowledge  he was credentialed as a  water safety instructor at the same time he was my boss.  How disingenuous, that  he would disregard my safety on one job. Leave for the day and maybe, go teach safety for the Red Cross at another. A clear violation of The Red Cross code of ethics, and a  probable violation of ADA law, not to mention human decency.  Soon I got a harassing email from a member of Rommel's Family calling me a liar. I never heard from any one I sent my complaint to. So I feel I was forced to document my relationship with Rommel and take my complaints as far as I could.  So I refiled my complaint higher up with the county ADA and recreation department management including some documentation. I was  informed that action would be taken according to policy. All I know is he didn't work there long after that.

First some rough bully math to illustrate my point.  In two months I worked under Rommel. I Saw him  Seriously bully and abuse over 6 subordinates or club members (yes even club members were fodder for Rommel's abuse.)    6 x 2 months by six 2 month periods a year. That is 36 bullied people. 36 x 22years Rommel claims to be a manager (Linkedin) that is  792 people who suffered under this manchild.  Surely not scientific, certainly not precise, But makes my point.  I figure he has another 20 years or so before retirement. If he countinues as a bully manager, another 700 souls might have to put up with him.   I mean to stop him anyway I can that is legal.  Don't be fooled by his suave exterior,  he did all I include here and I am sure much, much, much more. 

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he currently is employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

This page is a public service to working people in Prince William County. If I had this information I would have been better prepared to deal with  Red Cross Water safety?* instructor (currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness) , and DC Metro Raiders fan Club staffmember* Rommel Bradley, before I went to work under him at another Health Club Chain. Knowing what I know now, I am sure I  would not. Even if he hasn't hurt customers and members at Chinn  I feel he forfeited his privilege to represent the Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor or enter management in public service or any where else for that matter. That will be made clear here. I swear this is the absolute truth about Rommel Bradley and how he abused me and my observation of abuse ofothers.  I am of the opinion from the facts, his own written words and his disregarding behavior towards me and others. That  Rommel Bradley's gross misconduct, almost killed me, disabled me, and than endangered me. Hard to believe, Read on. And Yes I am mad as hell and possibly unreasonable. Hopefully this information will help others who have or will suffer under this bully and help prevent him from  attaining a position of stewardship, where he might apply his bullying misconduct further.  People willing to get up and go to work everyday deserve better.  I worked half  of my career as a business owner, have a business degree, I earned as a working adult at the local Community College. I spent most of my 40 work years in some sort of customer service. My true nature is to be kind and helpful,  but I do not suffer bullies well.  I was a member of this Club for five years, than a Member consultant and MOD for five years.  I won many quarterly sales awards, sales prizes, was club employee of the year, Won a company wide top producer award,  was offered promotions, (turned them down) Was reliable in working my shifts,  a scheduled 50 hours work week on a 40 hour salary plus commission. Longer hours on closeout. I was not written up one single time( I am aware of) and got along pretty well with most of the 6 or 7 GM's, I worked under and helped get up to speed on membership policy.  I received only mild verbal warnings for my mistakes.(surprise I am not perfect.) My title was membership consultant, I sold memberships and solved memberships problems. I also,  fixed equipment, plunged toilets, mopped floors,  helped members with equipment. Applied First aide sometimes. Put out a trash can fire with the extinguisher by the GM's office.(more on fires later) Opened and Worked and closed  the club many times by myself because Front Desk was awol and I had Key. I never ever stole anything, hence not a thief as Rommel called me to my face. I say it takes one to think they know one. Anyway I didn't make 3 weeks with Rommel and he wrote a reaming lie of a write up. What makes him so right about me in just 3 weeks and everybody else so wrong in five years. That writeup says more about him then me. And Mainly he did it because I was standing up to him.  And "After giving it careful thought and consideration" I am sincere in my opinion that Rommel Bradley's Misconduct, led to a situation that almost killed me. Unintentionally of course. Sending me into an ally late at night, into a forseeable hazard, to maybe be injured ed or killed, that was intentional.

On the  advice of council this information will remain freely available. As the situations and unprofessional behaviors described are so egregious that if similarly repeated, and injury or death should occur, I could be held  civilly liable  for having knowledge and not making a reasonable attempt of disclosure to potentially interested parties. Imagine that. I gladly wouldn't want that.

*linkedin as of 1/22/15

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness, and they have been forwarded this information. This for the protection of staff and membership in case Rommel Bradley should apply his bully boss abuses there.

                                                                 Emergency Room Report

                                                                 Doctors Report

                                                               Disability Statement

                                                        Abuse Location Picture

           Every police department I checked with  recommends against walking alone at night,      particularly in blind alleys. I asked a 6 year old. She knew it.    I had been going to this shopping plaza since I was a teenager. I had owned a home in a near by neighborhood. I had Shopped in this Gym, where Rommel and I worked together, when it was a grocery store.   I did business with a woman store owner, who was Robbed, raped and murdered in the Plaza.  Killed by a stranger who just wondered in and used that alley to cross the plaza out of sight. The police, while dealing with an issue with a homeless person in front of the gym. Told me there were hundreds of homeless people in the woods surrounding the plaza and it created problems for them at the plaza. I knew it already, I just didn't knew there were so many.  A homeless man was murdered in the woods behind the plaza, next to the alley Rommel suggested I walk at night.    I tried to tell Rommel how I felt, what I knew. He wouldn't have it.  Maybe he didn't mind walking it. He was young, definitely dumb and Healthy. And he wasn't getting over a serious heart attack. Anyway he didn't care.  During the investigation, Rommel told the Red Cross he didn't  think it was wrong take my key and tell me to leave the club by exit B. Can you believe this guy. He claims not to  have the good judgement of a 6 year old as a defense.

         Red Cross Complaint against Red Cross Water "safety" instructor Rommel Bradley
I recently reviewed Red Cross water safety training, It has sections on considerations of disabled individuals "Chapter 9, Disabilities and other health conditions" ( during a leave of absence, a serious heart attack disabled me, just weeks before I met Rommel.) and general safety procedures, including "foreseeable hazards". While working elsewhere under " Water Safety instructor" Rommel Bradley, calls me a thief. (I was not, I never stole anything in five years.) Demands my front door key and tells me if I have to stay late to finish my job, to leave though the back door. ( I often stayed late, to close the day, during the more than five years I worked there, I lived five minutes away so in five years I was called off shift and days off to open, or close or backup the frontdesk. Or what ever, I willingly did this.) Surely Rommel couldn't have thought that locking a person he called a "thief" in the building was a good Ideal. But he still needed someone reliable for the night shift. That would be me as I worked that shift for 5 years. He could have moved me to another shift, he could have fired me. He could have let me transfer. But instead he took my key and threatened to fire me, for protesting the situation. If Rommel the bully boss wanted to act on a grudge to demoralize and diminish me and raise up his insecure self,  Taking my key and sending me out the back door would be they way. Despite his training, Despite my illness, despite my protest, Despite it being an unethical, possibly illegal action. Rommel tells me I have to exit the club though a self locking rear door at the far back of the building. An exit into a blind alley of a problem shopping center. An area known to locals, over the years, for murders and assaults. Gang activity, and a constant problem of vagrants and intoxicated individuals that constantly hung around. The bank there was robbed a couple times.  The Plaza was such a good location for hit&run crime, off I 95 that US Marshals were  in the parking lot 24/7 for 2 or 3 weeks during the DC sniper incident. In the last year or so. Robbers spent a whole night in that same ally breaking into a vacant store to rob the Credit Union Next door to it. What If had walked into something like that.  Every police department I checked with  recommends against walking alone at night, particularly in blind alleys. So the real experts agree with me.  Sending me into that ally was a  situation that was a "foreseeable hazard". And Rommel the "Safety expert"  didn't care.   He evens writes me up with lies and exaggerations after several requests to return the key for my safety. He writes, (I still have this anger filled pathological  writeup for my records, and I paraphrase) I have to do my job no matter what and If I don't shut up he will fire me.  He even screams in large caps. "THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED" to my request to be safe working late.  I had a key for five years as the night MOD under 5 other GMs and The GM that replaced Rommel Bradley gave the Key back to me. He showed better judgment than a trained "Red Cross Water Safety expert". I say it again. What kind of Red Cross Safety Trained individual, much less just a decent boss with common sense. Would send a person just weeks after a serious heart attack. Or even a healthy person, into a foreseeable hazard. A hazard such as the back alley of a problem shopping center late at night. Why Get trained and just disregard it. I always thought people who engaged with the Red Cross were special, caring, compassionate people with a higher calling. Then I meet Rommel, A mean, lying, insecure, immature, Office Bully, and worse, willing to indulge an immature, juvenile grudge by sending a sick, disabled man, just doing his job out the back door. late at night. into a "foreseeable Hazard"! Despite him being trained to know better! What a choice. Be locked in by a Front Desk person, who wouldn't or couldn't stay late and close the day. Or leave by the front door, for my own safety and risk being fired for it.
I am somewhat satisfied that at least one of his Red Cross Water Safety Instructor peers (separate from the investigation of the Ethics and Fraud department)   after reading more details, agrees in writing that he has some "flaws in his character." Now If I can just convince the Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center. Apparently, as long as he doesn't demonstrate his "flaws of characters" while actually teaching water safety he can do what he wants elsewhere. Even if he proudly displays his Red Cross Safety "expertise" credentials on his wall, over his shoulder, he can do what he wants. Even humiliate and endanger a sick man. A man 15 or so years his senior, A man he disliked, mostly for standing up to him. Once Rommel had to come on a Sunday morning and open the club and an hour late. His "very reliable"  FD person didn't show up, the same  person I had to rely on to stay late for me because I didn't have a key. And had already caused me to walk that ally late at night because she wouldn't stay late.   I called Rommel and waited with a large group of angry regular long term Sunday morning members, including a few I have been  friends with for many years. They know I had a key for 5 years and had seen me open the club many times on a Sunday morning and close many weekday nights without a FD person and manage the club alone for a whole shift numerous times.   I enjoyed all those dues paying folks in good standing, glaring at the obviously incompetent, self serving, grudge holding bully,  Rommel Bradley opening the club over an hour late.  I had to request  one friend to stay out of it, as my job might be at stake.      

I hate to go here, but it is important.  He was abusive towards women. I personally was witness to him, frustrating a least 2 female subordinates and a female member to tears. Mostly just because he could, being the boss and all that. No need for grown man tact. Hey, he almost made me cry. He was that awful. A number of times frustrated coworkers would barge screaming out of his office and most would quit or get fired. I never saw such workplace drama, in 40 years of work, not before Rommel. These and his other bully abuses occurred in maybe just a couple months time that I worked under him him. The list of abuses against me and others goes on and on. His Linkedin Resume claims 22 years as a manager. 22 years hard working people have been putting up with this man child. My research indicates he may have violated ADA/EEOC laws. (he at least broke rules  of professional decency)  I disabled by a heart attack, asked for a "reasonable accommodation". Just to have my Front door key back. As getting over a heart attack, inhibited my ability to fight robbers or run a gauntlet of drunks in an ally late at night. This if circumstances dictated I had to be locked in, (and they did at times) to work late to keep my job. At least that's what I meant. He denied the key, and after several more requests wrote me up even though this last conversation started with him saying his "door was open". He wrote me up that day. A real Pro! Actually a pro would have waited a week or so! For appearances sake. And he couldn't even do it to my face. Told me to read my email as he walked out the door for the day. He included in that backstabbing writeup I couldn't have a bike and other personal property, etc at work. That might explain why mail and prescription medicine being held for me by a coworker disappeared off the coworker's desk, 3 felonies involving my personal property and etc disappearing while I was away and around the time Rommel  and I met over the phone and had a few heated Long Distance conversations about commissions. I am sure this was when Rommel's bully grudge was set   Rommel didn't care much when I reported the 3 felonies in his club to him.( I opine he already knew where my missing property was.) When I got back. he cared so little, I reported it to his boss. This from a man who accused me of being a thief. And was willing to endangered me to make his point. You would think he would take felonies in his club very seriously, Nope. The way he treated me and others. His duplicity, And If he cared to endanger and me and lie about it. Rommel had unfettered access to all areas of the club, I am of the opinion, he came upon my unguarded "property and etc" he would later ridiculously write I couldn't have at work. Expensive Medicine that was to be shipped to the employer, per the company health Ins. it was purchased under.  Medicine that would have prevented the aforementioned Heart Attack. If it had been re forwarded to me on my trip as arranged.   How dare I stand strongly for myself or threaten to go over Rommel's unreasonable bully head in that phone call, how dare I forward my mail to  "Rommel's"  club.  Rommel decided to"foward" my mail for me, to the dump. Certainly if he had the bad judgement  to so openly endanger me and inconvenience members over a key to the club.  Quietly tossing my property would be a no brainer. That is my opinion based on facts and his written word.   Instead I was dragged unconscious  off an Amtrak train,  almost died in the back of an ambulance a 1000 miles from home and anybody I knew, and am crippled for the rest of my now  shortened life. And not a word about my constant nagging for my key in that writeup! Just a bully lie of omission, bully lies in general  and  a bullyshutup.  Anyway the thought of him giving "safety?" lessons , or being a manager makes me nauseous. Even if he doesn't get anybody hurt, it is at least disingenuous. On Linkedin Rommel professes a PE degree and notes he played football. My opinion is that he might not have actually taken these or similarly required  classes, such as SALM 4210 - Legal Issues and Risk Management in Sport and Leisure Activities or PEXS 4977 - Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities. Which any intelligent person could apply some to being a good manager. Not Rommel, not with me. Just my opinion, but the bullying behavior football players are known to practice among themselves. Makes me think Rommel feels it's exceptable for the rest of us.   Tough office love as it were. It's not exceptable to me.

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)


Original Write up and my rebuttal

Rebuttal (the truth)

Note: I eventually was fired for losing money, not by Rommel Bradley, that is what my termination paperwork says. Not stealing. I am of the opinion I can make a very good case that Tony Cox the membership  director took the money.  Between Rommel Bradley and Tony, I didn't stand a chance.

Mark F.

      Tonight I received an email From my General Manager CC,ed to you. This email put me on notice that I am essentially on probation, and facing the possibility of losing my job. Now that the situation is offical and on my record I want my side to be part of that record. I feel really awful that my relations with Rommell have deteriorated so badly. This after I thought we came to a meeting of the minds today. I approached him today about a possible transfer to another club. I explained to him that I felt I owed it to him to discuss this with him before I brought it up with anyone else. He told me he had an open door policy with his staff. I took that to mean I could air my issues without reprisal. I discussed with him the issue of having a key to the club. That previous GM's authorized and encouraged it. This because I was a closing and opening MOD for five years. I still carry that schedule and sometimes work late doing paperwork and selling memberships. I explained that his previous suggestion of leaving though the back door into a dark ally made me uncomfortable. Especially in my current physical condition. We talked at length about our relationship and my relationship with Sport and Health. We agree that my attitude had not been good and how it had to change and I agreed. I also expressed that I am still recovering from a heart attack and dealing with some depression which could effect my judgment and attitude. I walked away from our meeting today feeling uplifted that Rommel had done me the service of hearing me out. I was determined to change and improve my attitude. How floored was I that my opening up to him, despite his "open door policy" would end up with probation no option to transfer, and maybe losing my job. I have been working 50 and 60 hour weeks since I started back to work early August. I have worked many of my days off. I have worked to Learn the CSI computer system. I have Filled out and turned in my required daily reports. I was recently informed by my MD that I was the only DC Sales staff using CSI prospecting to any large degree. My membership sales although not outstanding yet, have been on par with my coworkers. The ground work laid for a good finish this month. It's all in CSI. Rommell mentions in his email several issues with memberships that my name is attached to. I have sold an estimated 1500 hundred memberships in five years. So my name would be attached to some memberships with issues. Over the years I have solved problems big and small for hundreds of memberships my name attached or not. I have apologized many times to members for errors on my part. He mentions Personal Items as if they are Representive of a bad attitude. Particuly my Bike. It was in my office for one night after I got it back from Kansas. Per his request, I removed it to the storeroom in the back of the club. It sits Amid a pile of assorted boxes and gym parts. I have been meaning to take it home as soon as I get my Car unloaded. When I returned to work in Early August. Rommell made it clear to me that he felt Many of the problems at Dale City were directly related to me and the Previous management of the Club. He didn't leave things at that. He directly called me immoral, unethical and dishonest. I felt this was a personal assault on my character. I explained at that time and again today that everything I did was reviewed and signed off by my managers. One of my previous managers Tom D. will attest to that. Today he accused me having knowledge or involvement in thefts or embezzlement's at the club over the years. I told him I didn't because I really didn't. I have been at Dale City For five years and have had a good or great working relationship with all my General Managers Up to now To the best of my knowledge I haven't had a writeup or even an official Verbal warning till now. Maybe if Rommell Didn't set the tone of our relationship with personal attacks on my character things would have gone much better. I walked away from that conversation hoping and intending to change his mind about me. Its hard to keep your head up and a have a positive attitude knowing your boss feels this way about you. Today I felt a transfer was a good option for both of us if we couldn't work though our differences. I really do love working for Sport and Health, really. I love Dale City. I have been there for ten years including my membership. How pressed must I be to even consider leaving. I just want to work for a manager who respects me, and doesn't perceive me as I have described above. That would work wonders for my attitude. In closing I would like to say that I know Rommell has a tough job. That he works hard, probably harder than any manager I have worked with before.I know he wants to make Dale City a success. And really, I wanted to help him.

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

Writeup containing Lies and misrepresentations and omissions.

note:  Rommel Bradley doesn't mention  taking my Key away in this writeup. This  was  most of the problem with him and me at the time. This certainly implies that he knew it wasn't the right thing to do, and didn't want to put it in writing. And is a lie of omission. He couldn't have forgotten. He didn't forget about a bicycle sitting in a  storeroom.  A bike on pile of junk, but he forgot he took my key away and my constantly bringing up the issue of my safety. I doubt it.  He even screams in large caps. "THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED" to my protests of not being safe working late.  I admit I had a bad attitude. That was true. Who wouldn't given the unsafe situation he put me in and his other gross misconduct,  which I document further on.  Honestly, where in here does he say I wasn't doing my job. Except his lies about the memberships with my name attached to them.  Memberships with corp paperwork sitting on his desk, most likely. Yea, I sent mad members to him, who  had not had complaints resolved.  Mostly Mr Bradley needed me to help him guide the completed paperwork into a corp envelope. That was the "system"   He calls me defiant. Defiant against his disregard for my safety, my integrity and my health, and his chronic abuse of others. Reasonable defiance to me. He writes "the integrity of Sport and Health will not be compromised."  This while Rommel  compromised the the  company legally, with his  ADA/EEOC violations.  And Rommel  Bradley compromised his own integrity with his misconduct. He says there will  be no discussion  with anything mentioned,   Than at another  point he says  he doesn't mind  clarifying things. (which would involve a discussion)  How is anyone supposed to know how to deal with a person of such unprofessional contradictions.

From: "Rommel  Bradley" <> Date: Thu, September 13, 2007 9:49 pm To: Cc: ---------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to reflect on the conversations today. After giving it careful thought and consideration I am not comfortable with the negative energy towards the company,my direction, and Tony's direction. All three of these entities are on the same accord. However you are displaying objections through your mannerisms, conversations with staff and members. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If I hear of any of these actions you will be terminated immediately. Also the integrity of Sport and Health will not be compromised. I have received several membership complaints and problems from members that have attached your name to their status currently. I need your undivided attention to these matters while you perform your other duties provided in the membership standards you signed. I will assist with some of them. You will do the research on the problems you have caused with open arms and not even slightly blame the "system". You will apologize for your actions to these people. You WILL take ownership of the problems that you have caused. Personal belongings such as bikes,etc. are not allowed in the workplace. There will be no discussions or insubordination with anything we have mentioned in this letter. This is the last warning and any other infractions may lead up to suspension and/or termination. Transferring is not an option. I hope that you understand that we hope that you will change your behaviors and attitude towards management and Sport and Health if you plan to stay here with us. I don't mind clarifying anything I have mentioned but I will not stand defiance. Remember...change is constant. Rommel Bradley General Manager Dale City Sport and Health Work-703-897-0200 Fax-703-897-9501 Rommel Bradley, General Manager Dale City Sport and Health Work-703-897-0200 Fax-703-897-9501

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

I certainly am no expert, but this writeup is almost pathological to the following.

Complex and dangerous bullies    From

More dangerous is the skilled workplace bully. He combines two or more of these aggressive personality types, then cleverly disguises his true nature under an image of success and leadership.

Once you have suffered at the hands of a skilled bully, you are more likely to understand his true character. Typically, he is highly ambitious. To achieve his goals, he needs the cooperation of others; however, he doesn’t believe in fair exchange. Instead, he charms others for the purpose of controlling them and uses camaraderie to encourage loyalty. If necessary, he exploits weaknesses in others to change their behavior.

At the same time, he preaches teamwork and professes company values to enhance his reputation, or pretends to pursue company goals to boost his power. He is a master manipulator, constantly using stealth and deception to influence the thinking of those around him. And he does all this while intimidating, undermining and slandering everyone who stands in the way of his self-serving ambitions. With a skilled bully, nothing is ever as it appears.

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

Complete summary of observed abuses and  bullying

(on line Indeed resume claims currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)

Recently, I tried to inform the Chinn Aquatics and fitness center  management and County ADA and the Red Cross of the abusive nature of Red Cross Water Safety trainer Rommel Bradley. My complaint was passed to Mr Bradley and I got a harassing email from a Bradley family member. This before I even heard from the Chinn Aquatics and fitness Center. In fact I didn't hear from anybody unto I complained higher up. I smell cronyism over professionalism. Maybe they are concerned maybe not. You should be! Well spoken, decent looking, educated? and polished. I am sure he comes across as a decent EMPLOYEE. Maybe he wears the hat of Water safety instructor well.(From his Linkedin page). But when Rommel Bradley, puts his manager hat on he becomes the worst case of the Classic office bully. After leaving the Fitness company we worked at together, he did some time in predatory lending. I believe a job more suited to his bully management style. In Nov 2013 I shopped one of his storefronts seeking terms. In leaving, I asked the young lady if she knew Rommel. I didn't really expect much. What I got was a look of shock and she almost started crying. I told her I knew he was a horrible man to work for. She said she couldn't talk about. She didn't need to. I suffered under Rommel many times and I only worked under him for a couple of months. I know I wanted to cry too. 2 Months out of 5 years and my job was ruined by this man. My real sin was standing up to his bullying.
According to Linkedin Rommel Bradley has had a lot of management jobs in the fitness industry, he may have burned a lot of bridges. I can only surmise. I believe he may have designs on rising in management at the Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center or Prince William county Government. And on the surface he has the credentials. But, heaven help the people he is giving the responsibility of stewardship over. When Rommel Bradley puts on his Manager hat he will also probably put on his Bully Hat and hard working people will suffer. He has had over 20 years to hone his bully craft. Like most proficient office bullies he knows what he can and can't get away with and who to Bully. If a coworker gets any sense now, he dislikes them, I assure you that if he ever becomes manager he will make their job a sorry affair, as he did mine. His bullying Included ignoring his red cross training and integrity by disregarding the safety of a disabled person. (I have read the safety training manual). Below are item after item of his bullying abuse. I don't include all his malicious acts, because they might be hard to believe and could be offensive. Prepare to meet the other Rommel Bradley, office bully and worse maybe a future manager at Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center.

In 2007, I decided to take a leave of absence to take an extended cross country trip. I left on my trip and a month and a half later had another bad heart attack on the Road. I gotpatched up and went home. I needed money and a job. My bosses promised I could have my job back and they honored that, with some stipulations, Rommel Bradley (instated as GM after I left) and I met in person. He seem a reasonable man. I came back to work. Happy to be home and in my Club again. It did' t take long before Rommel Bradley's  true character kicked in

Before Rommel Bradley  was employed as my new GM and before I left on my leave of absence. I arranged to send, single use camera pictures of my trip and a 3 months supply of expensive Blood thinner, I ordered though the company health insurer, to a coworker. He was to hold the pictures and forward the medicine to a general delivery address. I never received the medicine which, contributed to a very serious heart attack due to a blocked stent in my heart. When I returned home and a couple weeks later to my Job, my film and Medicine were no where to be found. The coworker told me the items disappeared off his desk. I am of the opinion Rommel  Bradley discarded my mail and medicine before my return to S&H. That was three felonies. The whole no personal belongings such as bikes,etc, are not allowed in the workplace, in Rommel's retaliatory writeup. The way he treated me and others. His duplicity, And If he cared to endanger me. And his total lack of interest of felonies occurring in the club when I reported it to him. Just a really wide eye look in his face. Like Whoops. Yet He was so concerned about me stealing (I didn't steal anything) and ethics and all that. Yet he did nothing. Even if he wasn't directly involved. I hold him responsible because he was the GM. Felonies in his shop under his watch.  On the subject of honesty and ethics, I was a ethical and honest or more so, as any of my managers.  And As I detail here. Rommel Bradley was one of the most unethical persons I ever met,   More so for signing A code of ethics with the Red Cross and simply ignoring those ethics and his professional training.   I don't know the nature of his affiliation now,  but he most likely sworeto a very stringent code of ethics with his   Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Did he not absorb anything from the process.

Why would he discard my property? I believe he developed an immature grudge against me. He inherited a sales department that was in disarray. The GM at that time had left, the new Sales manager was mostly awol. And my planned trip date had arrived. I left town. But Rommel's focus was on me for it all. On my trip, I was shorted commissions, I was due from the month before my Leave of absence. I had no choice, but to try to claim them through the new General Manager, Rommel Bradley. I started out nice and patient with him, but he was reluctant to help. So I got admittedly, pushy with him, my trip was semi-sponsored by our employer, so I told him I was going over his head. That did help. But I am sure incited the grudge that was evident in his behavior for the couple months we were together. I am sure Rommel was on office bully long before I met him. He started the bullying right as soon as I returned. He was even willing to ignore an obvious hazard, to set me straight despite his professional Red Cross training. Maybe even willing to discard my personal property, committing the 3 felonies
Misappropriation or Tampering with US mail.
Misappropriation or Tampering with Prescription medicines,
Misappropriation of personal property over 300.00

He accused me of being involved in thefts at the club over the years before he came. There were many to be sure. I learned about them, like anybody else, after the fact. And because I wasn't a thief he had not a lick of evidence. He accused me anyway.
He made a long time, highly respected female minority employee, who was very good at a thankless job cry. This lady was tough as nails and managed a staff of young females. I always saw her as very capable and successful at her Job and I liked her a lot as a coworker. Never until Rommel did I see her walk out of the GM's office and start crying. Hey, I felt like crying after walking out of his office a couple times I understand women cry. I understand in life, your sisters, your Mom, Your wife, your daughters, girlfriend might be put to tears by a man in the family. As a mature, mostly proper Gentleman, I have even tried to avoid that. But to put a coworker or subordinate to tears, that is abuse and bullying. I saw Rommel frustrate at least 2 women employees, and a member to tears.
Without knowing all the in and outs of club operation. Denied an African American female member entrance to the club because he felt she was trying to sneak her children into childcare. , even after I tried to explain the policy to him and she wasn't doing anything wrong. This sweet lady was an army solder and mother. Rommel (the bully that reads a mark for his abuse like a book.) stood her in a corner, with her children having seen the whole, demeaning embarrassing thing. She barely held back her tears until he finally was informed on policy by childcare staff involved and let her in. In the meantime he neglected real club issues to have his way with this poor woman. I suppose Rommel Bradley, as GM, had every right to do what he did. But it was unnecessary. He blew me off, maybe because knowing the answer right away would have ruined his opportunity to bully this woman. A woman that did absolutely nothing wrong. He had recently written me up and put me on probation and he knows dame well I would have been nothing but honest or suffer his wrath in the matter. But a mans nature is his nature.

Every other week or so a frustrated coworker would emerge screaming from Rommel's office and quit. I think Rommel Bradley made it especially difficult for people he deemed unworthy to work for him. And if the job didn't mean enough to someone to stay, They quit. Rommel got his way. I was in the category, I think. I just had too much at stake to quit, so I put up with it. In 40 years I never saw such a unprofessional situation.

On my night off, a mentally impaired member accidentally set the sauna on fire. Rommel who had by this time been Gm for over six months, would have walked by a well marked fire extinguisher near his office many, many times. My understanding was that he wasted valuable time trying to put out a combination electric and wood fire with water from the locker room. I don't believe the extinguisher was ever used and the sauna was a total loss. This again was indicative of him not being aware of vital elements of his club. And may have endangered Members in the Club at the time. Red Cross Safety expert, my rear. No safety expert me, My flight training years earlier, super emphasized safety, my life depended on it. It was my learned habit to know where exits, extinguisher. Etc were located. Oh yes, and just a little bit of adult common sense that some people seem to lack. I once out a trash can fire with that extinguisher by the GM's office. Simply, I knew were the extinguisher was, not abig deal. Unless one actually needed it.

The club had a chiropractor, who rented space for several years, He got along well with staff and previous GMs. Not Rommel Bradley. I am not sure what happened, but I think the situation speaks for itself. It was so bad that after the Sauna fire. Rommel asked me if I thought the chiropractor could have done it or put the poor mentally impaired guy up to it. I told him no way, I was sore he even asked me such a stupid question. Typical Rommel, try to put the blame on a disabled person who didn't know better than to spray eucalyptus from the the steam room on the hot sauna rocks. It was an accident. But Rommel just wanted to blame someone else when maybe using the extinguisher in a timely manor might have mitigated the damage. I wanted to say something to the chiropractor, but because I was really trying to get along with Rommel I kept my mouth shut.

Rommel Bradley came back from a monthly corp sales meeting. He complained to me and the rest if his sales staff how degraded he felt, because the club managers that didn't make goal had to serve lunch to the clubs managers that did. I knew it was all in fun and thought to myself that his complaining to staff about his bosses was unprofessional. And as detailed further on relates to his own hypocrisy.

Rommel Bradley treated me badly many times times. Even though I knew the club, it's members, staff and policy better than any body he rarely relied on me for input even as I watched him screw up time after time hopefully learning in the process. I would have gladly helped out of my better nature. Every once in a while he would ask me something when he really needed to. I am sure he hated to do that. I think it made him more resentful of me.

Rommel Bradley took my club key away from me. I was an opening and closing MOD on different swifts for over 5 years I often had to stay late to complete daily sales chores. I also backed up the front desk opening and closing person. Many times in five years I had opened and closed the club for a sick or awol FD person. He told me to leave though a self locking rear door. A door that entered into a back ally where there had been one murder and several assaults over the years and Intoxicated patrons of the Bar a few doors down were often in the ally late at night. I was getting over a serious heart attack at the time and was helpless to defend myself. I had a key under every GM I worked for. The GM, who took over for Rommel when he left, gave the key back to me. ( Things got so much better for everybody when Rommel left) I did gloat inside a bit, when one morning, his trusted front desk person didn't show to open the club and he had to come open it himself. Many angry waiting members knew I had had a key for years and Rommel just ended up looking incompetent again. It was more important to the Bully Rommel to put me in my place, than smooth operation of the Club. Any way what kind of Red Cross safety expert sends a sick man,just doing his job,Into a dark dangerous alley late a night.

Rommel Bradley complained to me about memberships that I wrote before he worked there. Membership that weren't “by the book” but were signed off by my bosses. He called us unethical and dishonest. All this complaining, while he signed off “not by the book”memberships of his own. He even introduced me to a new word for it “deviated deals”. He even allowed his staff to write new memberships to members who were in collections for non payment. This way we got a new member sales point. Previous to Rommel this was a big no no. And we didn't do it knowingly. To this day I don't know how he got away with it. I didn't really care, a point is a point. Except to note again his hypocrisy. Maybe his bosses said it was ok. Just like my bosses signed off on my “deviated deals”
During this time, members I had helped, complained to me incessantly that their membership problems weren't resolved. Many of them were people who's membership problems were sitting for days and weeks on Rommel's desk. I had already presented them to him with the proper paperwork. I had done all I could to help the members. It was out of my hands, I told members to talk to him. What else could I do. ….... This was unprofessional on my part, but then again I was working in a very unprofessional environment created by Rommel. It was rubbing off on me. All this time I was recovering from a heart attack that dame near killed me. I was going downhill physically, mentally and emotionally and Rommel was doing his unnecessary egocentric best to expedite the process......

Long before Rommel's employment, I arranged for the local Bicycle racing team to work out in the Club in trade. They put the Company logo on their uniforms at their own expense, raced all over the area and paid all their own expenses. They barely used the club. This was a company policy that was encourage by Corporate, but had to be signed off by Corporate. In his ignorance of policy and Rommel knows better than anybody attitude. Rommel came at me, like he really had me now. He was sure I was just giving it away to my bike buddies. Even with his supreme business skills(I jest) he couldn't understand the win win concept. It was just a Bicycle racing team after all. It wasn't until I pointed out that it was approved and signed by his boss(a cyclist) that he relented. I could tell he wasn't happy. That was to bad for me. You don't make Rommel Bradley wrong or unhappy.

Now the coup de gras. I was at the point, I couldn't take this man any more. I knew that transfer between clubs was common and even though I had been At this club 10 years (5 as a member and 5 as an employee) and lived 5 minutes away. I was willing to commute to get away from this guy who I was pretty sure didn't want me around any way. Out of courtesy and professionalism I decided to discuss this transfer option with him before approaching Corporate about it. I thought maybe we might clear the air and I wouldn' t transfer.
I approached him before my shift about the transfer. He told me his “door was open” and let's talk. I discussed some of my issues, particularly not having the club key he took away from me. I tried really hard to be diplomatic with him. Mostly I just agreed with him and promised to do better. He didn't promise me anything. I was compliant. It's kind of a blur, but I remember him saying that the sales department was sucking (he used some variation of the work suck.) I was trying to agree with him and I remember using the word myself. I even remember wishing I could take that word back because even though he said it, he might not like me saying it. Anyway I left feeling better and with hopes for my future with this man. I worked my regular shift and had a good day. On his way out, Rommel told me to check my email when I had a chance. He looked serious. So I figured it was some important corp memo. I was very busy, that evening, so I didn't check my email till I got home hours later.
I was flabbergasted. It was this long winded, ridiculous writeup, Full of exaggerations and lies. I couldn't believe it. Hadn't he told me his “door was open” My mistake, his office door was open when I approached him. Having a college business degree and being in business for years. I thought he meant he had an”open door policy” What can you expect from man with a Jock degree from college. He can be excused for not understanding common business lexicon and practice. (I jest) I do believe his football and locker room skills did come in handy for bullying. We know that from the Miami Dolphins football bullying scandal (I am serious)
He wrote that there were member issues that I wasn't fixing as, if I refused to do so. As stated above, they were most likely on his desk. There were always problems with memberships it goes with the business. In five years I fixed hundreds if not thousands of problems. Rommel noted he was going to guide me, fluffing his feathers at my expense. Because turnover was so high, often I was the only staff member who actually knew how to deal with the corp paperwork. I trained most of my 6 GM's and several sales managers on member paperwork. I didn't need his guidance. Actually, He needed me to help him guide the paperwork into a corporate envelope. Most member problems had to go though the General Manager than corp for final resolution. My job was to take care of the ones I could. The rest went to Rommel with the proper corp forms. He wouldn't resolve them or wouldn't listen to how to resolve them. Especially if they involved refunds. GM's understandingly hated to give refunds as it would effect the clubs budget which was a measure of performance. Lucky for many of these members he didn't have much choice after blaming me in writing for his negligence.  He wrote in the writeup that I had to remove my bicycle from the store room where it sat with a pile of mostly useless gym junk. Where he told me to put it, after it shipped back from Kansas following my trip. Rommel Bradley somehow felt that my bike represented insubordination . It never bothered anybody else. Not even Rommel's boss, who would see it in my office all the time, when I rode it to work long before Rommel's employment. Of course That boss was a cyclist. It was just a bike in a gym. It Just bothered Rommel! I surmise It bothered him so much, that it's location might have filled the place in his brain where the fire extinguisher's location should have been stored.
Rommel wrote I couldn't transfer. I was stuck there with him. This was revealing to me after long thought on the whole matter. Rommel didn't want me there, it was obvious to me. But when it was obvious to him I didn't want to be there with him. It incited his insecurity. I was rejecting him. In his immaturity he was going to get back at me in a big way. A BS writeup with maybe one real truth and a lot of misrepresented crap. I hope it made him feel better.

More about that writeup. After telling me "his door was open" He wrote me up that day. A real Pro! Actually a pro would have waited a week or so! For appearances sake. And he couldn't even do it to my face. Told me to read my email as he walked out the door for home. He included that I couldn't have personal property, etc at work. That might explain why mail and prescription medicine being held for me by a coworker disappeared while I was away. 3 felonies! Rommel didn't care much when I reported the 3 felonies in his club to him. The way he treated me and others. And If he cared to endanger me, maybe he cared to "disposed" of my unprotected property. Medicine that would have prevented the aforementioned Heart Attack, if it had been forwarded to me on my trip. Instead I almost died and am crippled for life. Anyway the thought of him giving "safety?" lessons ,or being a manager makes me nauseous. Even if he doesn't get anybody hurt, it is at least disingenious

Now he is a the Chinn Aquatic and Fitness Center, Good Luck folks\

 (Rommel's Indeed resume claims he is currently employed at Milpitas Star Aquatic & Fitness)